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Learn more about the advantages of living in Perth County, Stratford and St. Marys

Opportunity Lives Here

We invite you to explore a vibrant, enriching way of life. This interactive web tool will provide all the resources you need to learn about our communities, employment prospects as well as ways you can enrich your life…whether you live here already or are looking to relocate.
Trade in rush hour traffic for serene landscapes and rich cultural experiences – discover just why OPPORTUNITY LIVES HERE.



An Exceptional Experience

  • Explore the many advantages that living in Perth County, Stratford and St. Marys offer
  • Find information on housing, transportation, culture and more

Historic architecture, unique shops and rural landscapes provide the ultimate backdrop to build your life here. We’ve welcomed newcomers from around the world to build their lives and businesses with us. Our communities offer an abundance of recreation, volunteer and cultural opportunities to fill your days and nights.

Say hello to life in our region!



Find Career Opportunities

  • Discover or post Career and Job Opportunities
  • Explore Job Seeker Resources and our local businesses

With a diverse cross-section of industries, Perth County, Stratford and St. Marys offers a wealth of job and career opportunities for people of every skill level. The quality infrastructure and unparalleled lifestyle allows you the flexibility to live locally and work globally. This region is home to over 7,000 growing businesses in agriculture, manufacturing, technology, arts and tourism.

Join our vibrant economy!



Bring Out the Best in You!

  • Find programs to expand your knowledge and skills
  • Volunteer or take part in other enrichment opportunities offered in the region

Our region offers education and skills training for all ages. Whether you want to grow yourself and your personal skillset or grow a business, you can explore a variety of local organizations who are available to help you succeed!

Explore your pathway to success!

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Perth County is located in the heart of Southwestern Ontario. Our Municipalities & Townships include North Perth, Perth East, West Perth, and Perth South. Our major urban centres include Stratford, St. Marys, Listowel, Milverton and Mitchell.

Approximate driving times to Perth County 

Toronto – 2 hours
Ottawa – 6 hours
Buffalo – 2.5 hours
Detroit – 3 hours
Chicago – 8 hours

Maps of Perth County can be found here.

Financial Support Partners

Community Partners


I’m a Canadian Newcomer

  • Everything you need to know about settling in Perth County, Stratford and St. Marys.
  • Discover our Newcomer Checklist and find tips and resources for people new to the region

This region blends small town sincerity with a friendly welcoming atmosphere. We’ve built our communities family by family and welcomed newcomers from around the world to build their lives and businesses with us. We have grown from a tradition of hard work and our residents enjoy a high quality of life. Explore our safe livable communities! Make Perth County, Stratford or St. Marys your home!

I’m exploring my future: young professionals, recent graduates or high school students

  • Find job, career and new business information
  • Find information on buying or renting your first home

If you are looking to begin a career, start a new business or purchase your first home, Perth County, Stratford and St. Marys is the perfect place. Local employers embrace youth and realize that our future prosperity relies on the next generation. Perth County, Stratford and St. Marys foster innovation and welcome new perspectives. Let your move to our region be one of your early career accomplishments.

I’m a business owner/manager or entrepreneur

  • Resources for business owners
  • Post a position and manage your business directory listing

You’ve chosen to build your business in Perth County, Stratford or St. Marys and now it’s time to grow. Our interactive job board, business directory and listing of resources will connect you with the many local agencies that specialize in uniting businesses with the people who help make them prosper. With thousands of established followers, post to our job board to help attract the best talent and candidates for your business! Find events, workshops and other opportunities to enrich your business. Grow your business here!

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