January 24th, 2016 12:00pm to 3:00pm

Arts, Entertainment & Exhibition

Gallery Stratford

54 Romeo St S

Ann Marie Hadcock is a visual artist (installation, sculpture) who creates anomalous material forms that inhabit places.  These forms are constructed through processes of layering, wrapping, and combining a variety of fibre-based materials into structures that both integrate with and oppose their surroundings.  The form of the work resembles natural structures but remains ambiguous, a poetic metaphor for naturally, occurring things.  These objects are placed within public parks and function less an intervention and instead attempt to coexist within the spaces they inhabit.  The work examines the complex relationship of humanity vs nature as we navigate the interstice of coexisting with natural objects vs. intervention.  The energy, history, and geography of a location are active compositional elements that bring vibrancy, significance, and context to the work. 
Image credit:  Ann Marie Hadcock, Chameleon (installation detail, Supercrawl 2015), 2015, fibre and wire

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