June 14th, 2016 1 pm - 2 pm and 3:15 pm - 4:15 pm

Arts, Childrens Program, Educational, Entertainment, Kids & Theatre

60 St. Andrew Street, Stratford, ON


In this play within a play, 10 clowns decide to stage a production of Pinocchio. They love the story of the puppet boy made of pine wood who, under the watchful eye of his maker and father, Gepetto, grows up and learns about life. The clowns all want to play Pinocchio – or at least Fox or Cat or one of the girls – so, in the end, more than one clown plays the inquisitive, wooden boy with the stretchy nose. Play Pinocchio! is full of fun and adventure, and we get to watch the puppet who dreams of being a real boy learn to trust and find his way in the world. Meanwhile, Gepetto figures out how to be a good father to this little scamp.

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