May 14th, 2016 10:00 PM

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Hermione Presents SpringWorks

163 King St

After endless years of marriage Sizzle and Spark Fandango are desperate to infuse some passion into their wilting relationship. Lost, afraid and confused, they blunder their way through a night of ridiculous erotic antics and kinky desires. Can the secrets of the ancient Sama Kutra save their marriage?

Sexy, Naughty and Hilarious, The Sama Kutra is Fifty Shades of Grey meets Cirque du Soleil! Created and Performed by Jed Tomlinson and Jacqueline Russell and directed by Michael Kennard (Mump and Smoot) The Sama Kutra has garnered praise and accolades from critics and audiences across Western Canada. "Laugh out loud funny!" "50 Shades of Hilarity"

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