May 20th, 2016 8:00 PM

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Hermione Presents SpringWorks

1 Wellington St

Meet a wild panorama of octogenarian characters in a bizarre retirement home.

Lightning: “I had a stroke last week but I’m still here. I guess I had a stroke of luck.”

Roundhouse: A living planet who wakes up with a sore Rwanda and a pain in her Yukon.

Wings: “My nickname’s Wings. Some people think that means I order out, but it really means I astral travel.”

Gord: Keeps having an erection and has to find various ways of hiding it.

Louis: Thinks he’s Louis Riel.

Thesp: An old actor who speaks only Shakespeare.

Bling: Accessorizes her pet skeleton.

Stretch: “I do real good in the armchair exercise program. I’m the only one that can lift both arms equally. I’m biceptual."

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