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Doug Gibson
Author, Performer

Born and raised in Scotland, Doug Gibson left the University of St. Andrews in 1966 with a scholarship that took him to Yale. In 1967 he came to Canada, and joined the Canadian book publishing world as a Trainee Editor at Doubleday Canada in March, 1968. He continued his rise as an editor, later at Macmillan of Canada (Editorial Director, then Publisher) then at McClelland & Stewart, where he established Douglas Gibson Books, the country’s first editorial imprint. He was the Publisher of M&S from 1988 until 2004, when he stepped back to run his imprint. He “retired” in 2008.


Since then he has become an author, and a performer. His first book, STORIES ABOUT STORYTELLERS: Publishing Alice Munro, Robertson Davies, Alistair MacLeod, Pierre Trudeau, and Others came out from ECW in 2011. An up-dated paperback edition later appeared, incorporating the events of Alice Munro’s Nobel Prize ceremony.


He turned the book into a stage show, telling his stories against a background of the marvellous author caricatures by Anthony Jenkins. The stage show became an extraordinary success, with over 100 performances all over Canada, from Haida Gwaii to Newfoundland. An Adventure Canada cruise ship performance in Ungava Bay allowed him to speak of taking the show from coast to coast…….to coast!


That tour produced a second book in 2015 ACROSS CANADA BY STORY: A Coast-to-Coast Literary Adventure (ECW). In turn, that book has produced his second stage show. Already he has taken the show to every province west of the Maritimes, with a visit to Scotland and Canada House in London lined up.


He travels from his Toronto base with his “techie”, his tolerant wife Jane.









In his 45-year career as what The Globe and Mail called “a publishing icon” Doug Gibson knew them all. He worked with Alice Munro (who wrote the Introduction to his first book Stories About Storytellers) and with authors named MacLennan, Davies, Mitchell – and politicians named Trudeau, Mulroney and Martin – and Alistair MacLeod, who said “No one has done more for Canadian literature than this man, Douglas Gibson”. They’re all part of this lively stage show, where you’ll also hear behind the scenes tales about Margaret Atwood, and many, many more. Exciting stories!must be fully supported.

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