August 22nd, 2015

Culinary Arts

Savour Stratford Forage and Feast

Packham Road Sports Complex, Packham Road, Stratford, ON

Join Puck’s Plenty Foraging Tours on our mid-Summer Savour Stratford Forage and Feast event as we search forest trails for wild mushrooms such as Ash Boletes, Oyster Mushrooms, Pink Bottom Mushrooms, Giant Puffballs and more.  Our next stop will be Deer Haven Farm to search for….you guessed it….more mushrooms.  Then return to the Knox Church Banquet Hall in downtown Stratford for an upscale lunch of wild edibles in season.  VQA Wines, craft beer from local breweries and samples of Puck’s Plenty Nettle beer will also be available. Tickets can be purchased on-line or at the Stratford Tourism Alliance.

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