September 23rd, 2018


96 Birmingham Street


The Lion’s Mane Yet another “choice” mushroom that appears in early Autumn is the Lion’s Mane. A member of the Coral Family, it is not only known for its exquisite taste but for its medicinal benefits that include improved cognitive function, nerve regeneration, improved digestive function, relief from gastritis and works as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Whew! We find this fungi growing from decaying hardwood and so it can be easily spotted inside a tangle of trees. Of course we’ll be hunting for other wild fungi such as Velvet Foot Mushrooms, Pear Shaped Puffballs, Boletes, Blewits (they’re really blue) and more. So join us on trails only fifteen minutes from Stratford. It promises to be a glorious hike. $35/per person. 519-271-3726

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