September 30th, 2018


96 Birmingham Street


$35/Per person, 519-271-3726, | The Pink Bottom Mushroom Also known as The Field Mushroom, the Pink Bottom is one of the more meatier fungi found in Autumn. They can be found in fields and roadsides and are typified by their pink gills that eventually turn dark brown with age. Like many wild mushrooms they are better harvested when young. They are fabulous in soups and stews, both stem and cap, and can be roasted on the grill with a slight coating of olive oil. We will be searching for these right here in Stratford before moving on to trails fifteen minutes from town to collect other wild fungi such as Lactarius Delicious, Oysters, Velvet Foot, Gem Studded and more.  Find out why Marriot International listed Puck’s Plenty as one of the “Top 10 Adventures to Have this Summer”.             

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