From September 22nd, 2018 to October 22nd, 2018


96 Birmingham Street


The Admirable Bolete Our September 22nd event will be a true lesson in mushroom hunting. Last season, on a certain trail, we found remnants of The Admirable Bolete, one of the highly prized members of the Bolete Family. The Admirable is one of the largest Boletes and easily spotted inside the waning ground cover of Early Autumn. Photos and descriptions will be provided to each participant. Even better, what you find you take home!  During our search we will also collect Giant Puffballs, Pear Shaped Puffballs, Lion’s Mane and Lactarius, as well as edible plants like wild ginger and wild watercress.  Late September is full of colours both in the trees and on the ground.          

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