From July 4th, 2016 to July 8th, 2016 9 am - 5 pm

Arts, Arts and Craft, Educational, Fashion Show, Programs, Seminar & Workshop

163 King Street. Stratford


Intensive one-week course
This introductory course provides an understanding of the principles of costume design particularly as it relates to theatre. Participants will explore how costume design defines culture through:

Text and character analysis
Concept development
Director collaboration
Period research
Participants will develop rendering skills through:Understanding figure and period silhouettes
Understanding scale
Learning techniques using pencil and watercolour
Learning presentation techniques
Developing rough sketches to final costume design plates
Previous drawing experience is an asset. Before the first class, students are asked to read the play text, which will be provided.

Instructor: Tamara Marie Kucheran
Maximum enrollment: 7 students

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