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100 South Service Rd., St. Marys

Ulch Transport is a small family owned and operated Transport Company located in St Marys, Ontario. Currently operating 52 tractors and 85 trailers. Ulch Transport concentrates on the hauling of food products with over 25 years of experience in transportation of liquid food products and refrigerated products with operating authority throughout North America.

Bob and Debbie Wilhelm own 100 % of Stonetown Transport Ltd, which own the shares of ULCH Transport. Stonetown purchased Ulch in 1987 to improve operating authority In 2001 Ulch so!d off the livestock end and concentrated on the freight end. Ulch has concentrated on the hauling of foods products with tank and refrigerated trailers.

We at Ulch operate a modern fleet of equipment and are committed to reduce our carbon footprint- Since 2007 our trucks have been limited to 105 kilo per hour. Our trucks are programmed for minimum time idling. Any drivers that are regularly away overnight have auxiliary power units installed on the tractors to avoid idle and provide drivers personal comfort. A.P.U.’s maintain the bunk temperature and provide electricity for the driver to operate their personal equipment.

Our trucks are equipped with satellite tracking, two-way communication with dispatch as well as cell phones and are operated by professional truck drivers. The drivers receive ongoing training in areas including but not limited to safety, customer service, time management and regulatory compliance.

All staff at Ulch Transport is committed to quality customer service and maintains 99% on time delivery. We work with our customers to reduce logistic costs while maintaining top-level service. Ulch has an excellent safety rating and is insured by the top insurance company in the transportation field. Our customers can be assured that if something unfortunately should happen we have you covered.

Ulch Transport is a Bonded Carrier and recently was recertified as CTPAT Partner with US Customs that will allow Ulch to continue to carry freight across the border in the event of a terrorist attack. Ulch was also certified by Canada Customs in Self Assessment Program in October 2009. With these certifications ULCH Transport can move your freight across the border with little problems. We at Uich feel each customer is a partner and look forward to a long and fruitful relationship.

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