Personal Care Services

4012 Road 107, Perth East

Set in a beautiful, charming 19th Century Victorian home. Located in the village of Shakespeare, just minutes from Stratford and Kitchener. The Spa has wonderful elegant character with an abundance of room and privacy during your stay here. Great care has been taken to ensure privacy during your visit with us. Our goal is to give you an atmosphere of tranquility, serenity, and pure pampering!

You will always be greeted with a warm smile from myself and my staff as well as the heavenly aromatherapy scents. This begins your journey to a peaceful mind and body. My years of experience as an Aesthetician and Skin Care Therapist has made it important to me to make sure all staff here are fully trained and stay up to date with current trends and educational seminars. I believe that we all need a place to go that is soothing, quiet and trusting, let us do that for you!

We are looking forward to your visit, and giving you our best in pampering!

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