53 Ontario Rd, West Perth

While our business is about helping clients hear to the best of their ability, our mission is to profoundly improve the quality of our clients’ lives.  For over 30 years, John Tiede and his team of caring hearing professionals have assisted thousands of clients in improving their hearing and consequently improving their quality of life.  When you hear well life is much more enjoyable.  That is why at Hear Well Be Well™ we take our time to really understand what is important to our clients so that we can recommend hearing solutions that make a meaningful difference in their lives.  Hear Well Be Well’s™ 14-step testing and hearing aid selection process guarantees that our clients achieve their best possible hearing in all of the listening environments that are important to them.

We offer the following:

·        Free hearing screening appointments

·        Hearing Aids

·        Batteries

·        Complimentary Hearing Aid cleanings

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