Professional Services

119 Albert St., Stratford

Why have we survived since Hamilton bank manager, Manley Morden, founded us almost a hundred years ago? Because we’ve always worked to provide good customer service.

We work with businesses, insurance companies, insurance brokers and policyholders offering expert and impartial assistance when losses occur.

With over 5,000 skilled staff in over 60 global offices we aim to be first on the scene, sending sympathetic and skilled adjusters into households and businesses and putting together specialist response teams when major incidents happen across Canada.

Many of our adjusters are experts in their field, from fine art & specie to product recall and environmental liability.

We can also offer you our, fast growing, third party administration service. inTrust provides you with well trained empathetic staff with expert knowledge of local regulatory systems you are increasingly grappling with. These teams also capture data and insights that can help you improve your organisational resilience.

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