;130 Inkerman St W;Personal Care Services;;43.7320126;-80.9526518;6484
;5 Star Car Rentals;Rental Services;;43.353244;-80.9887247;5017
;867 Distributions;;43.22126;-81.13098;18273
;A & A Automotive;Other Services;;43.353244;-80.9887247;5019
;A & J Auto Sales;Retail;;43.441707;-81.2203629;5021
;A & W Restaurant;Food & Beverage;;43.7325152;-80.9682943;5022
;A J's Hair Studio;Personal Care Services;Full Service Hair & Spa;43.3709289;-80.9824459;5245
;A Patch of Heaven B & B;Accommodation;Bed & Breakfast;43.3757654;-80.9802516;5025
;A Studio of Electrolysis;Personal Care Services;;43.3701374;-80.9647402;5026
;A Touch of Dutch - Landscaping & Garden;Agriculture;Landscaping;43.3447805;-81.0192351;5027
;A-1 Auto Refinishing;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Trades;43.4089924;-81.0652711;5029
;AA Weitzel Pumps & Water Treatment;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3695556;-80.836998;5030
;Abner & Emma Martin;Agriculture;;43.6554293;-80.9216947;5031
;Above & Beyond Event Design;Other Services;Event Design & Décor;43.3519272;-80.9772255;5032
;Abtron Automation;Manufacturing;;43.3517007;-80.9852616;5033
;AC Omex;Manufacturing;Manufacturing;43.3594405;-81.0039119;5034
;Accountable Automotive;Other Services;;43.3675554;-80.986102;5035
;Accu Pumps Distributing;Wholesale & Distribution;;43.3583062;-81.0085479;5036
;Accumetal Manufacturing;Manufacturing;Manufacturing;43.3538231;-81.013224;5037
;Acorn Hardwood Flooring;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3819408;-81.0004511;5038
;Action Health Care;Healthcare;;43.2611251;-81.1263493;5039
;Adanac Images of Ontario;Other Services;;43.2620988;-81.1179752;5040
;Advanced Air;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Trades;43.34826;-81.0024259;5041
;Advanced Design Solutions;Manufacturing;;43.3596956;-80.9631986;5042
;Advanced Logic Systems;Information Technology;;43.3529982;-80.9849303;5043
;Advantage Machine & Tool;Manufacturing;;43.402086;-81.049929;5045
;Aerotek;Professional Services;Our mission is as simple today as it was thirty plus years ago: To bring great people and great organizations together. This drive to connect people and make them successful is what we mean when we say — our people…;43.37317303669943;-80.98163033979489;10455
;Ag-Co Products;Manufacturing;;43.4124428;-81.0729443;5046
;Agora Gallery;Retail;Arts & Culture;43.3695865;-80.9819926;5047
;Agricultural Equipment Express;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.5721082;-80.8353453;5048
;Aisin Canada;Manufacturing;Manufacturing;43.3556912;-81.0107404;5049
;AJ Jackson Developments;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Construction, Masonry, Haulage;43.3191783;-81.026783;5050
;Akins Brewer Lumber;Retail;Lumber Supplies;43.3582072;-80.6465237;5051
;Al Young Services;Other Services;;43.4286969;-81.1717584;5052
;Al's Auto Body;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Al’s Auto Body in Stratford has been providing old-fashioned service with modern technology since 1956. Our auto body repair services include painting, collision repairs, wheel alignments and balancing—and to top it all off, we guarantee all of our work! Quick…;43.3707435;-80.9430148;5246
;Albert Street Inn;Accommodation;;43.3703584;-80.9800275;5053
;Alexandra Bignucolo;Professional Services;;43.3706394;-80.9809134;5054
;Alexandra Spa;Personal Care Services;Full Service Hair & Spa;43.3664213;-80.9868144;5055
;All Styles II;Retail;;43.4677596;-81.196793;5057
;Allan Johnston;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.7365425;-80.965151;5058
;Allen Interiors and Design Centre;Retail;Interior Design;43.4032829;-81.0526591;5059
;Allergy Asthma Information Association;Healthcare;;43.2595995;-81.1312201;5060
;Alliance Mortgage Group;Finance & Insurance;;43.3608236;-80.9917831;5061
;AllRoads Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram;Retail;Auto Sales;43.2584905;-81.158011;5062
;Alpaca Acres Farm Store;Agriculture;;43.3555225;-80.9608569;5063
;Alternative Hearing Aid Clinics;Personal Care Services;We are a family owned and operated business, operating since 2009, with several locations to serve you across southwestern Ontario. Dwayne and Yvonne Badduke, owners of Alternative Hearing Aid Clinics, have been working hard to give their clients the best…;43.3694236;-80.9956593;5065
;Anastasia's House of Romanoff;Retail;;43.7308685;-80.9514467;5247
;Anderson Auto Service;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3134868;-81.2404783;5069
;Andrew Atlin, CA;Professional Services;We provide exemplary services to a wide range of owner managed businesses, including: · tax compliance · financial reporting · obtaining financing · assisting with business change opportunities · retirement planning · business sales · purchases · and expansions Personal…;43.2598101;-81.1383906;5070
;Andrew L. Hodges Funeral Home;Professional Services;Owned and operated by the man whose name is on the sign, we offer funeral service options involving burial, cremation and whole body donation to science. Our fees are competitive with the "basic and simple" options, and our service is…;43.2582604;-81.1416486;5071
;Andrew MacDonald;Professional Services;;43.3721454;-80.9799173;5072
;Angela Byrne Consulting;Professional Services;Accounting;43.2641912;-81.1378776;5073
;Angels Nails Spa;Personal Care Services;;43.3710195;-80.9587144;5074
;Ann Brailsford;Professional Services;Child Barrister;43.3713148;-80.9760465;5075
;Anna Mae's Bakery & Restaurant;Food & Beverage;Family Restaurant;43.5715448;-80.8339924;5248
;Anne Hathaway Day Care Centre;Municipal Services;We are a child and family friendly licensed early childhood education centre, Anne Hathaway Daycare can accommodate 70 children aged 18 months to 5 years (10 toddler spaces, 48 pre-school places, 12 Senior Kindergarten spaces). The centre is operated by…;43.3578557;-80.9706034;5077
;Annex Café;Food & Beverage;;43.3705394;-80.9811795;5078
;Annie's Seafood Restaurants;Food & Beverage;;43.371008;-80.958148;5079
;Annie's Seafood Restaurants;Food & Beverage;Our cozy family operated establishment has something for the entire family. We are proud to offer a large selection of seafood that won’t break the bank. If you are a land lover, we offer a great variety of chicken pastas…;43.371008;-80.958148;5249
;Annual CGTrader Scholarship;Education, Law & Social Services;CGTrader is the largest 3D model marketplace backed by the strong designer community of more than 1.2M members. CGTrader was founded with the goal to ensure fair marketplace conditions for 3D designers. Every year CGTrader challenges students to dig into…;51.059235;-113.987825;16353
;Anthony's Body Piercing;Other Services;;43.3687604;-80.981005;5250
;Antiques In Time;Other Services;We offer a large selection of antique clocks and watches, dating from the mid 18th century through to the early 20th century. Ours is a full service shop specializing in sales, repairs, and total restorations of mechanical timepieces. Please have…;43.3717944;-80.9831138;5081
;Any Traffic Tickets;Professional Services;Legal Representation;43.3645519;-80.9755161;5082
;Anytime Fitness;Personal Care Services;;43.3624315;-81.0078163;5083
;APC Stratford;Retail;Auto Parts Sales;43.3546953;-80.973331;5084
;Apple Auto Glass;Other Services;Our franchises across Canada are all locally owned and operated. Our franchise owners are proud to be active members of their communities. Their work outside the shop can often be seen in the parks, arenas and local charity organizations that…;43.3654047;-80.9632287;5085
;Appleby Painting & Decorating;Other Services;;43.462889;-81.1943609;5087
;Appliance Pro Plus;Retail;;43.3682868;-80.9807245;5088
;Arden Park Hotel;Accommodation;;43.3713496;-80.9636593;5090
;Ariel's B&B;Accommodation;;43.3719012;-80.9693657;5092
;Arjan Construction;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Residential Construction;43.3792755;-81.1442843;5093
;Arky Designs;Professional Services;;43.3695924;-80.9840218;5094
;Arla Foods Atwood Dairy;Food Processing;We are a 12,500-strong dairy farmer cooperative and a team of 19,000 engaged colleagues who love milk and all the possibilities it presents. We are an ambitious bunch, who strive to be responsible and open-minded to your needs and ideas.…;43.6818185;-81.0081633;5095
;Armstrong Motors Sales and Service;Retail;;43.2956786;-81.1989585;5096
;Armstrong Paving and Materials Group Ltd.;Other Services;Armstrong Paving and Materials Group Ltd. is a business in St. Marys which services areas from St. Thomas to Forest to Goderich to Kitchener - and anywhere in between.  The services provided by Armstrong Paving include site servicing; driveway excavation…;43.2601643;-81.1166721;16173
;Army, Navy & Air Force Veterans;Service Organization;;43.2601876;-81.1421323;5098
;As You Like It Motel;Accommodation;Located 2 km from the Stratford Shakespearean Festival, the As You Like It Motel is a family-operated business with spacious grounds and warm hospitality. Each one named after a Shakespearean character, we offer 18 tastefully appointed rooms, each with en-suite…;43.3883241;-80.9623149;5100
;Ashton Tire Service;Other Services;;43.2572518;-81.1623007;5101
;At-Your-Service Plumbing;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Plumbing;43.4797884;-81.0722906;5104
;Athlone Bio Power;Alternative Energy;;43.3333649;-80.911022;5102
;ATS Omex;Manufacturing;;43.3594405;-81.0039119;5103
;August's Harvest;Agriculture;Wholesale vegetables, garlic;43.4586088;-81.0000946;5252
;Auto & Home Glass Service;Retail;;43.3695898;-80.83428;5106
;Auto Trim Design of Listowel;Retail;;43.7313049;-80.9603071;5107
;Automated Engineering Technologies;Professional Services;Engineering Technical Services;43.3656764;-80.9631865;5108
;Automation Product Supply;Wholesale & Distribution;;43.3529982;-80.9849303;5109
;Avalon West Salon & Spa;Personal Care Services;Full Service Hair & Spa;43.3809994;-81.0035607;5110
;Avery House B&B;Accommodation;;43.3714132;-80.9728023;5111
;Avon Boat Rentals;Recreation;;43.3719088;-80.9833683;5112
;Avon Co-Operative Nursery School;Other;Avon Co-operative Nursery School has been an active part of the Stratford Ontario area since 1953. We are a parent-run co-operative nursery school serving children ages 18 months - 5 years from the city of Stratford and the surrounding area.…;43.3784155;-80.99338;8960
;Avon Family Medicine Centre;Healthcare;;43.3799732;-81.0012967;5113
;Avon Pet Hospital;Professional Services;;43.3640727;-80.9890204;5114
;Avonwood Construction;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3798134;-80.9756231;5115
;AW Millwrights;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.5694211;-80.9175874;5116
;AWC Manufacturing;Manufacturing;;43.3516331;-80.9830057;5117
;AWS Advanced Wind Reel Systems;Agricultural Services & Suppliers;Wind/Air Reel Parts;43.4576454;-81.1996758;5118
;B & C's Cutting Edge Sharpenning Service;Other Services;;43.259278;-81.1433777;5120
;B & D Fullarton Farms;Agriculture;;43.4546903;-81.1793856;5121
;B & D Transmission Service;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Automotive Mechanical;43.3599808;-80.993905;5122
;B & K Tire & Battery;Retail;Other Services;43.560182;-81.2101812;5123
;B & S Construction;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.488161;-81.1944997;5124
;B & T Collision;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3621574;-80.9638654;5125
;B & B Pet Supplies;Retail;We stock the good quality food and supplies you have asked for. Our fish stock is updated regularly to give you a variety. We also supply crickets, worms, live & frozen rodents. Come in and talk to us about your…;43.4678491;-81.1969752;5119
;BA Homescapes;Professional Services;;43.2571341;-81.1480549;5126
;Bach-Run Farms Ltd.;Agricultural Services & Suppliers;Farm Machinery Sales;43.637595;-80.7891199;5127
;Bakelaar Jewellers Limited;Retail;;43.7317231;-80.9535042;5128
;Baldor Electric Canada;Manufacturing;Motor & Generator Manufacturer;43.3554303;-80.9964587;5129
;Balzac's;Food & Beverage;;43.3713916;-80.9801634;5130
;Bank of Montreal;Finance & Insurance;;43.2592978;-81.141853;5131
;Bar-B-Dee Farms;Agriculture;;43.5560571;-81.150608;5133
;Barb's Family Restaurant;Food & Beverage;Family Restaurant;43.5602373;-80.9265355;5134
;Bard's Place;Food & Beverage;;43.3695976;-80.9822557;5135
;Barenberg & Roth;Professional Services;;43.3687047;-80.9853534;5136
;Barista's;Food & Beverage;;43.258657;-81.143158;5257
;Barry Schmidt Contracting;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3542866;-80.9924606;5138
;Bateman Equipment Corporation;Retail;;43.5951771;-80.8910837;5140
;Bath & Body Works Canada;Retail;;43.3697748;-80.9455284;5141
;Bauer & Bauer Contractors;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.4957997;-81.2636922;5142
;Bauman Apiaries;Food Processing;;43.5633566;-80.8356681;5143
;Bax Audio Video Inc o/a Stereo Plus;Retail;We specialize in sales and installation of: Home automation with Control4 (lights, thermostat, home theatre, audio, tv) LED and Plasma HD TVs Home audio systems for farms, businesses and homes Pre-wiring of homes for future installations Xplornet high speed internet…;43.3810077;-81.00277899999999;8610
;Baynard & Nye Studio;Arts, Culture, Recreation & Entertainment;Art Gallery;43.3683678;-80.9854007;5144
;BC Coins;Retail;;43.3636248;-81.0101401;5145
;BDO Canada;Finance & Insurance;;43.4683276;-81.2005624;5146
;BDO Dunwoody Chartered Accountants;Finance & Insurance;;43.4683276;-81.2005624;5147
;BEE FRIENDLY FERTILIZER;Agricultural Services & Suppliers;Agricultural fertilizers;43.367341;-80.847026;6181
;Beets Running Boards;Retail;Auto Parts;43.44262399862202;-81.2198987460327;5150
;Behrns Metal Fabricating;Manufacturing;Manufacturing;43.7348205;-80.8450353;5151
;Bell Canada;Communications;;43.3697748;-80.9455284;5152
;Bell Machines;Retail;;43.4614648;-81.2011018;5153
;Bella Water Express;Retail;;43.3708881;-80.9516014;5154
;Belliveau Construction;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3528552;-80.9679988;5155
;Bells Custom Leather;Retail;;43.3646832;-80.9885721;5156
;Bells Winery;Retail;;43.3870441;-80.9689133;5157
;Bender's Auto Sales;Retail;;43.7276652;-80.9435114;5158
;Benefittings - Mastectomy & Medical Garments;Retail;Benefittings offers the professional services of a certified fitter for mastectomy bras, and breast forms.  We offer a mobile service in your home, as well as in our office. ;43.3872088;-80.99622049999999;6813
;Benford Medical Surgical Supplies;Health Care Supplier;;43.3632694;-80.9908373;5159
;Benshaw Canada Controls;Manufacturing;Manufacturing;43.7230885;-80.9502294;5161
;Bentley Leather;Retail;;43.3697748;-80.9455284;5162
;Bentley's Inn Bar & Restaurant;Food & Beverage;;43.3714295;-80.9814762;5260
;Bernadettes Creative Art & Sewing;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3691043;-80.9837979;5166
;Best Buy Life Insurance;Professional Services;Insurance Services;43.3694236;-80.9956593;5167
;Best Little Warehouse In Stratford;Other Services;;43.3653433;-80.9613975;5168
;Best Price Shoes;Retail;;43.7312321;-80.9522398;5169
;Best Window & Door Systems;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3825319;-80.9797175;5170
;Better Dog Training and Behaviour;Other Services;;43.3805784;-81.002592;5171
;Bickell's Flooring & Complete Decorating;Retail;At Bickell’s Flooring, we make customer service our top priority. For more than 2 decades customers in Stratford have trusted our award winning expertise in helping them find the right flooring, lighting, paint and so much more. From sponsoring local…;43.3531948;-80.9819517;5173
;Bieber Design & Build;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.4757071;-81.2029567;5174
;Bijou Restaurant;Food & Beverage;;43.369729;-80.9842309;5175
;Bill Eidt Plumbing;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Plumbing Services;43.4634734;-81.1878936;5176
;Bill Horst Auctions;Professional Services;Auction Services;43.5670542;-80.8387623;5177
;Bio Agri Mix;Agricultural Services & Suppliers;Agricultural Suppliers    ;43.4605224;-81.1990621;5178
;BJ's BBQ and Catering;Food & Beverage;Catering Services;43.5716655;-81.1859431;5179
;BJ's Ice Cream Emporium;Food & Beverage;;43.4757781;-81.1914305;5180
;BK's Brand Name Clothing & Gifts;Retail;Brand Name Fashions;43.7317775;-80.9536402;5182
;Black Angus Restaurant;Food & Beverage;;43.354556;-80.9732561;5183
;Black Creek Hair Studio;Personal Care Services;;43.4077802;-81.0626401;5184
;Black Creek Physiotherapy;Healthcare;;43.3870441;-80.9689133;5185
;Black Swan Brewing Company;Retail;;43.368223;-80.9810091;5186
;Black's Financial Services;Finance & Insurance;;43.2591364;-81.1420457;5265
;Blackcreek Technologies;Information Technology;;43.3715622;-80.9779364;5187
;Blackwood Chair Company;Manufacturing;;43.3650988;-80.9601982;5189
;Blanbrook Bison Farm;Agriculture;Blanbrook Bison Farm was established in 1992. Both Bruce and Shirley were raised on dairy farms and wanted to raise alternative livestock on their 100 acre farm with their two children. After researching, visiting other bison farms and meeting people…;43.2592515;-81.1433722;5190
;Blanshard Bed & Breakfast;Accommodation;Bed & Breakfast Accomodation;43.2607957;-81.2195814;5191
;Blowes Stationary & Office Supplies;Retail;Office Supplies;43.3699848;-80.9826273;5192
;Blowes Travel;Other Services;;43.7321248;-80.9525689;5193
;BMO Nesbitt Burns;Finance & Insurance;;43.3698848;-80.9843451;5196
;Boar's Head Pub;Food & Beverage;;43.3713779;-80.9796278;5197
;Bob Groenestege Carpentry;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;General Contractor;43.4708382;-81.1062875;5198
;Bodyworks by MCR;Other Services;;43.4596287;-81.1985127;5200
;Bonnie Togs;Retail;;43.3697748;-80.9455284;5201
;Book Stage;Retail;;43.3693621;-80.9798621;5202
;Boomers Gourmet Fries;Food & Beverage;;43.3710026;-80.9831887;5203
;Bosco Pool & Spa;Retail;;43.3568327;-80.9949322;5204
;Boshart Industries;Manufacturing;;43.567501;-80.9172941;5205
;Bostech Mechanical;Manufacturing;;43.7247741;-80.9508733;5206
;Boston Pizza;Food & Beverage;;43.3506021;-81.0004525;5207
;Bowers Process Equipment;Manufacturing;;43.3526317;-80.9788536;5208
;Breadtopia;Food & Beverage;;43.25607;-81.14104;18281
;Brenda Talbot Stained Glass Studio;Arts, Culture, Recreation & Entertainment;;43.4640556;-81.1887439;5212
;Brenda's Place Bakery;Retail;;43.3870441;-80.9689133;5213
;Brent Balmer Law Office;Professional Services;;43.4669029;-81.1957143;5214
;Brent Linklater CIP Desjardins Insurance;Insurance Services;;43.7306707;-80.9505135;6403
;Brenwood Signs;Other Services;;43.5913493;-80.9025059;5215
;Brian Lunt;Other;At Lunt Legal, our commitment to our clients is to take your injury PERSONALLY. This means that we strive to provide the type of legal service we would expect to receive for ourselves, our families or our friends.;43.77485619999999;-80.9428911;16437
;Brian Mummery Refinishing;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3587857;-81.00133;5217
;Brian Pridham Construction;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3822431;-81.2951524;5218
;Brian's Barber Shop;Personal Care Services;;43.4678765;-81.197428;5220
;Bright Cheese & Butter Factory;Food Processing;;43.3696881;-80.8452208;5222
;Brody's Automotive;Retail;;43.4780594;-81.1894905;5224
;Brokerlink;Insurance Services;What started as a railway junction is now home to the internationally renowned Stratford Shakespeare Festival. Every year, culture-seekers flock to Stratford for their theatre fix, discovering what residents already know: this city has so much to offer. The people…;43.3703895;-80.9808728;5225
;Brown Heating and Cooling;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Trades;43.370933;-80.95398;5227
;Brunner Electric;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.4706997;-81.2038882;5230
;Brunner Plumbing & Heating;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Plumbing, Heating;43.5690036;-80.9205696;5231
;Brunswick House;Accommodation;A LITERARY BED & BREAKFAST: "Visitors looking for a literary environment need look no further." New York Times "A Touch of Birds, Buddha & the Goddess" Downtown location. A few minutes walk from the Avon & Studio Theatres, in a…;43.3695739;-80.978047;5232
;Brussels Transport;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Livestock Transport;43.5806014;-80.8326679;5233
;Bryan's Auto Centre;Other Services;;43.7365425;-80.965151;5234
;BSC Animal Nutrition;Agricultural Services & Suppliers;Animal Nutrition;43.2544123;-81.1358718;5235
;BTE Assembly Ltd.;Manufacturing;BTE Assembly Ltd. is a tier two supplier for the automotive manufacturing industry, located in Listowel, Ontario.  BTE is focused on the manufacturing and assembly of high-quality parts for our customers with on time delivery.  BTE believes in superior customer…;43.7218951;-80.9491468;9182
;Buchanan & Hall;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3813;-81.004665;5237
;Bud's Driving School;Professional Services;;43.3704465;-80.9797937;5238
;Bulk Barn;Retail;;43.3708881;-80.9516014;5240
;Burchill Truck & Trailer Equipment;Retail;;43.4706521;-81.2037458;5242
;Burtch Mechanical Services;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3577288;-80.9956206;5243
;Bustard Listowel Chrysler Dodge;Retail;Auto Sales, Service;43.7279557;-80.9442724;5273
;Buzz Stop Fine Coffees & Teas;Retail;;43.37189;-80.9838405;5275
;C. A Sherwin;Professional Services;Since 1996, Claire has lived and practiced Law in St. Marys. He is an active member of the Rotary Club of St. Marys and is a past-president of that club. Currently, he serves as the Chair of the Rotary Youth…;43.2614496;-81.1425209;5277
;C.R. Plastic Products Inc.;Manufacturing;What started out as a compassionate goal for saving the environment has evolved into a passionate pursuit for innovation and design. In 1994, Jamie Bailey, co-owner and co-founder of C.R. Plastic Products Inc., started manufacturing recycled plastic furniture in an…;43.3439538;-81.0061113;7991
;C'Est Bon Cheese;Food & Beverage;Specialty Cheeses;43.2328092;-81.1831761;5314
;C2BPromo;Manufacturing;Customize Promotional Products with your logo or tagline. Thousands of promotional items to choose from. Customize and get at factory deirect prices.;43.3700007;-80.98222860000001;15843
;CA Masonry;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.4719361;-81.1864362;5278
;Caledon Tubing;Manufacturing;Manufacturing;43.2470147;-81.1343024;5279
;Calvin Ische;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Plumbing;43.3576533;-80.994517;5280
;Camperdown Farms;Agriculture;;43.4583615;-81.1758317;5281
;Canadian Grub To Go;Food & Beverage;;43.3695168;-80.9814307;5285
;Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce;Finance & Insurance;;43.467272;-81.1960761;5286
;Canadian Red Cross;Healthcare;;43.3718074;-80.9602062;5287
;Canadian Security Management;Professional Services;;43.2576732;-81.1433129;5288
;Canadian Tire;Retail;;43.2570115;-81.1416708;5289
;Canadian Woodland Contractors;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3889514;-80.9376436;5290
;Canavac;Other Services;;43.3522713;-81.0039519;5291
;Car Quest Auto Parts;Retail;;43.3670466;-80.9613452;5293
;Carlson Wagonlit Travel - Blowes;Other Services;;43.4672491;-81.1960951;5295
;Carman's Foto Source;Professional Services;;43.3699191;-80.9828899;5296
;Carol Satchell Catering;Food & Beverage;Catering Services;43.4736488;-81.1892091;5297
;Carol Venn Dr;Healthcare;Optometrist;43.2596367;-81.1414077;5298
;Carpe Vinum;Retail;At Carpe Vinum we welcome you to a world of “St. Marys Wine Making.” We create fine wines at affordable prices. Featuring the premium Fontana Collection in wine kits, you will find the perfect style of wine to suit your…;43.2593797;-81.1434846;5299
;Carrie's K9 Cuts;Personal Care Services;Professional Pet Services;43.3690224;-80.9818262;5300
;Cartridge World;Retail;;43.3698985;-80.9496428;5303
;Cartwright Chiropractic;Healthcare;I was born and raised in nearby small town Clinton, and was first introduced to chiropractic in high school to deal with chronic leg pains. The results were amazing and I always looked forward to my adjustments. After high school,…;43.4680627;-81.1974816;5304
;Cascade Dry Cleaners & Launderers;Other Services;;43.2583803;-81.143301;5305
;Casey's Creative Kitchens;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Featured products and services include: ##An award-winning design team and an installation crew to match! ##Our own granite and quartz fabrication shop, manufactured right here in London, Ontario. ##Cabinet lines from prominent Canadian cabinet manufacturers. ##A variety of available cabinet…;43.3708316;-80.9482487;5307
;Catherine Wright Designs;Retail;;43.3698474;-80.9827419;5308
;Cavalier Equestrian;Equestrian Supplier;;43.3486046;-81.0021787;5309
;Central Vac Plus;Retail;;43.7326843;-80.9539112;5311
;Centre of Attention Aesthetics;Personal Care Services;;43.2597768;-81.138992;5312
;Cerwood Custom Cabinets;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.34826;-81.0024259;5313
;Charles Dunphy;Professional Services;Dunphy Burdett provides legal services throughout Southwestern Ontario, including Perth County, Oxford County and Huron County. We represent and advise clients in and around Stratford, Mitchell, St. Marys, Woodstock, Tavistock, Goderich, London and Kitchener / Waterloo.;43.3714905;-80.984252;5315
;Charlot W Farms;Agriculture;;43.377163;-81.0074196;5316
;Cherrey Bus Lines;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.7240217;-80.9486245;5317
;Cheshire Homes of London;Healthcare;Since 1979, Cheshire has been a non-profit, government funded organization that works to enable adults with significant physical disabilities and frail seniors to live actively, independently and with dignity in their own community.;43.3855673;-80.9771234;5318
;Chocolate Barr's Candies;Retail;;43.3687224;-80.9831766;5320
;Chocolates on Main;Retail;;43.7318791;-80.9535863;5321
;Chrima Iron Work Limited;Manufacturing;Manufacturing;43.3666726;-80.956586;5322
;Chris Berg Photography;Professional Services;Commercial and Business Portrait/ Headshot Photographer based in Stratford, On. People, Products and PlacesI collaborate with small to large sized businesses across Southwestern Ontario, helping them with their need to look professional, in what is now a competitive, visual market.…;43.3775051;-80.9803069;7526
;Christine Elizabeth Hair Studio;Retail;;43.3702184;-80.9825946;5323
;Chum's Cafe;Food & Beverage;;43.4626135;-81.1840812;5324
;Chute Mechanical;Manufacturing;Wholesale Distributor;43.3647496;-81.0083536;5325
;Cinco Limited;Professional Services;Construction Management Consultants;43.3531722;-80.9852012;5326
;Citi Financial;Finance & Insurance;;43.5518948;-81.3956876;5327
;City Nails;Personal Care Services;;43.3715914;-80.9788554;5328
;CJW Custom Contracting Inc.;Small Business;Residential homebuilder in Perth County and surrounding area;43.3826419;-81.15179820000001;16375
;CJW Custom Framing;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3825287;-81.1515823;5329
;Classic Art;Retail;We frame items such as: •Original art in any medium •Photographs and photo-art •Prints and posters •Diplomas and certificates •Cross-stitch and all types of needlework •Sports jerseys and memorabilia •Canvas stretching;43.371353;-80.9447124;5330
;Cleanfix North America;Manufacturing;Agricultural Machinery;43.3581061;-80.9985519;5332
;Cleaver Brooks of Canada Limited;Manufacturing;Manufacturing;43.3581585;-81.0010019;5333
;Clemmer Steelcraft Technologies;Manufacturing;Since 1923, Steelcraft has crafted a culture of service and excellence within its business that has enabled the company to partner with its customers to serve today’s highly complex and demanding global manufacturing marketplace. Our custom-engineered steel products, components and…;43.3526317;-80.9788536;5334
;Clera Windows + Doors;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.4102447;-81.0681533;5531
;Co-Operators Insurance;Insurance Services;;43.3752469;-80.9903509;5362
;Coffey Custom Decorating;Other Services;;43.3547937;-80.9700253;5337
;Coldwell Banker All Points Festival City;Professional Services;Real Estate;43.3715622;-80.9779364;5338
;Coldwell Banker Homefield Realty;Real Estate & Rental;;43.2593521;-81.1415301;5339
;Collins Barrow;Professional Services;;43.3800147;-80.9997086;5342
;Colonial Brick & Stone;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Stone Production, Distribution;43.5803762;-80.832846;5343
;Commercial Printers;Other Services;Commercial Printing;43.351632;-80.9829436;5344
;Community Living St Mary's/Area;Non Profit;;43.2582105;-81.1342133;5345
;Community Living Stratford/Area;Non Profit;;43.3654993;-80.9622306;5346
;Compass Group Canada;Employment Services;;43.3853024;-80.9922745;5347
;Compendium Industries;Professional Services;;43.466411;-81.1859266;5348
;Complexions Clothing;Retail;;43.3695824;-80.9818966;5349
;Computer Country & Networks;Information Technology;Sales, Installation & Support Services;43.3743897;-80.9894077;5350
;Conceptual Pathways;Information Technology;Software and Application Development, Networking and Server Solutions, Website Development;43.3709289;-80.9824459;5351
;Conestoga College Career Centre;Professional Services;The Conestoga Career Centre is your one stop for career direction, individual employment supports and self-employment. Conestoga Career Centre staff and resources are available at no cost to the public. We can help you become successful in attaining your career…;43.3676228;-80.99476690000002;5352
;Connect Equipment;Agricultural Services & Suppliers;;43.3612608;-80.9760283;5355
;Connect Hearing;Healthcare;Audiology;43.2589986;-81.1518984;5356
;Contract Framing Group;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;We are a large framing contractor in Southwestern Ontario, who specialize in framing full residential subdivisions, apartment buildings and condominiums, as well as commercial and institutional buildings. We pride ourselves in our workmanship, from that with which we have built…;43.3467185;-81.0184639;5357
;Conway Furniture;Retail;Furniture Sales;43.7365593;-80.96519;5358
;Cook Millwrighting;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3516824;-80.9857365;5359
;Cooper Standard;Manufacturing;Cooper Standard is accelerating game-changing advancements in material science to produce environmentally conscious solutions and automotive components that reduce weight, lower emissions, enhance design and improve vehicle performance for our customers. As a leading global supplier of systems and components…;43.3668634;-80.9516263;5360
;Cooper Standard Automotive;Manufacturing;Manufacturing;43.4611904;-81.1919489;5361
;Cora Couture;Retail;;43.3714712;-80.9819898;5363
;Core Fuels;Retail;;43.3530366;-80.9893318;5364
;Corks & Caps;Retail;;43.365633;-80.9735574;5365
;Corley Sports Excellence;Retail;;43.7319514;-80.9540445;5366
;Cottage on the Thames;Accommodation;;43.2502592;-81.1512352;5367
;Country Bulk;Retail;;43.3698985;-80.9496428;5368
;Country Meadows Retirement Home;Healthcare;To strive to attain an optimal quality of life for each resident by the provision of services that will meet our resident's physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual and social needs. What Sets Us Apart People make a difference. Country Meadows caring…;43.5216971;-80.9197323;5369
;Coventry Animal Hospital;Professional Services;Animal Health Care;43.3803976;-81.0022481;5372
;Coventry Dental Care;Healthcare;Welcoming patients of all ages. We at Coventry Dental Care provide comprehensive, caring dentistry for the entire family. We strive to give each patient, a positive dental experience. We do this by treating everyone like family in a warm, pleasant…;43.3716928;-80.9586535;11483
;Cowan's Country Store;Food Processing;Registered Holistic Practicioner;43.7316015;-80.9531908;5373
;Cozyn's Garden Gallery;Retail;;43.3722825;-80.9849035;5374
;CP Fuels;Retail;;43.4029331;-81.0519033;5375
;CR Plastic Products;Manufacturing;;43.3596956;-80.9631986;5376
;Crabby Joe's;Food & Beverage;;43.3712383;-80.9473801;5377
;Creative Casuals;Retail;Retail;43.7512166;-80.9375093;5378
;Creativeink Design Group;Information Technology;;43.3666102;-80.9548495;5379
;Creekside Pheasantry;Agriculture;;43.5208035;-80.7871822;5381
;Cronin Poured Concrete;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.4661256;-81.2089595;5382
;Cropquest;Agriculture;Agricultural Consulting;43.4672208;-81.2053696;5383
;Cross Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd.;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Heating & Cooling;43.7360093;-80.9631218;5385
;Crosswinds;Food & Beverage;;43.468037;-81.1977741;5386
;Cubberley Plumbing and Heating;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.2470106;-81.1343388;5387
;Culligan Real Estate;Professional Services;;43.4675591;-81.1968029;5388
;Cullitan Law;Professional Services;;43.3713949;-80.9802781;5389
;Culliton Mechanical Electrical HVAC;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Trades;43.3667347;-80.9604146;5390
;Cunningham Lindsey Canada;Professional Services;Why have we survived since Hamilton bank manager, Manley Morden, founded us almost a hundred years ago? Because we’ve always worked to provide good customer service. We work with businesses, insurance companies, insurance brokers and policyholders offering expert and impartial…;43.3703563;-80.9784751;5391
;Curt's Coolers;Retail;;43.5618554;-81.3863086;5392
;Custom Kovers;Retail;;43.5795773;-80.8334778;5394
;Custom Pool & Spa;Retail;;43.3622392;-80.9906258;5395
;Cycle Ontario;Retail;;43.7307317;-80.9508621;5396
;Czajkowski Creative Carpenter;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Finish Carpentry, Renovations;43.2555114;-81.1376739;5397
;D & D Automation;Manufacturing;Machinery Design, Implementation;43.3563412;-80.9956807;5398
;D & D Plumbing;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Plumbing & Heating;43.7754691;-80.9919129;5399
;Daco Animal Nutrition;Manufacturing;Since 1929, Masterfeeds has served farmers, ranchers and poultry producers through research-based animal feed formulations, ingredient innovations, feed manufacturing technologies and the distribution through dealer and direct sales. From feeds for horses, sheep and goat feeds, poultry feeds, specialty animal…;43.34826;-81.0024259;5400
;Dairy Producer Committee;Community Organization;;43.3367818;-81.1312123;5401
;Dairy Queen;Food & Beverage;;43.7359656;-80.9655656;5402
;Dale's Performance Automotive;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Proudly serving Canada for over 24 years, K&K Racing & Performance is the destination for performance auto parts and truck accessories. We understand your needs because we’re car and truck enthusiasts ourselves. We carry a complete line of standard and…;43.3803547;-81.0004835;5403
;Damax Kennels;Other Services;;43.3358296;-80.995633;5404
;Dan's Performance Plus;Other Services;;43.5642531;-80.9235448;5409
;Danna Nicole;Retail;;43.3714376;-80.9817572;5407
;Danny's Truck & Equipment Repairs;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Danny’s Truck and Repair was established in 1974 operating in Stratford on Monteith Avenue. The company was purchased by the current owner in 1987 and was relocated to 18 Griffith Road, Stratford where it has resided since. With our loyal…;43.3517144;-80.9860215;5408
;Daryl McClure & Co CPA Prof. Corp;Professional Services;Accounting;43.2560919;-81.1430201;5410
;Dave Davies Air Conditioning Heating Refrigeration;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Dave Davies Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration, located at 115 Frederick Street, has been servicing Stratford and area since 1991. We pride ourselves on providing total service to our customers, both big and small. We come to you with over…;43.3651509;-80.9620393;5411
;Dave Ellis Painting & Renovations;Other Services;;43.34826;-81.0024259;5412
;David G Johns Chartered Accountant;Professional Services;;43.3692727;-80.9637001;5415
;De Jong & Sons;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.5109408;-81.1469956;5417
;Deep Roots Salon & Spa;Personal Care Services;Personal Care Services;43.4662962;-81.1939512;5418
;Deep Waters Music;Professional Services;;43.2595935;-81.1395714;5419
;Deichert & Nesbitt Financial;Finance & Insurance;;43.3743897;-80.9894077;5420
;Demerling Electric Supply;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3628929;-80.9736808;5421
;Demetre's Family Eatery;Food & Beverage;Welcome to Demetre's Family Eatery! “Enter as a patron, leave as a friend” is the mission statement of Demetre’s Family Eatery which truly offers something for everyone. Demetre's Family Eatery has been serving Stratford and area for over 18 years!…;43.3707438;-80.9430339;5422
;Designs By Cate;Retail;;43.3715084;-80.9836979;5423
;DeWeerd Contracting;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.4042742;-81.0543629;5424
;Dewetering Bobcat;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3941172;-81.0526431;5425
;DeWetering Hill Farms;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;At De Wetering Hill Farms we focus on the natural flavour of meat. You’ll love our superior beef and pork meat products made from the animals that we raise. All products are Gluten Free (No Fillers), Antibiotic Free, Hormone Free,…;43.3611913;-80.9717337;5426
;DFK Equipment Sales;Wholesale & Distribution;;43.2470106;-81.1343388;5427
;DH Jutzi;Other Services;Energy, Water Treatment;43.3531927;-80.9862524;5428
;Dyna-MIG;Manufacturing;DYNA-MIG, A Division of F&P Mfg., Inc. was established in February, 1997 as a North American subsidiary of F-TECH Inc. in Japan. We are part of F-TECH’s global network of companies covering Japan, the United States, Canada, China, Philippines, Indonesia…;43.3536059;-81.0095532;10522
;Easyhome;Rental Services;;43.3698985;-80.9496428;5430
;Eaton Funeral Home;Professional Services;Professional Services;43.7329727;-80.9564344;5431
;EB Games;Retail;;43.3697748;-80.9455284;5432
;EchoTech;Manufacturing;Machining & Tooling;43.2451965;-81.1082183;5433
;Eclectic Treasure;Retail;;43.259354;-81.1424482;5434
;Ed Mohr Electric;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Electrical Services;43.4718502;-81.1887519;5436
;Edee's Place;Retail;;43.7512166;-80.9375093;5437
;Eden Hair Studio;Personal Care Services;Eden was trained in Montreal and Toronto and specializes in colour. Eden Hair Studio is a strong believer in continuous education. The Studio works and trains with Pravana, Goldwell Professional, Revlon Professional and AG Hair Cosmetics. Participating in these courses…;43.3711633;-80.9728822;5438
;Edge-Works Machine;Manufacturing;;43.3581061;-80.9985519;5439
;Edward Jones Financial Services;Finance & Insurance;;43.4673993;-81.1963666;5441
;EFS Plastics;Manufacturing;;43.7144925;-80.9610983;5442
;Ehgoetz Farms;Agriculture;;43.4522305;-81.0168255;5443
;Eicher Dianne Financial Services;Finance & Insurance;;43.3748967;-80.9905632;5444
;Eidt Carpentry;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.4657603;-81.1862722;5445
;Eldon Ingram;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;We are a NAPA Autopro Repair Center, providing you with the highest quality service. We are a friendly, clean and efficient shop. We understand that car repair can sometimes be stressful and we do everything possible to make our customers…;43.3779223;-80.9967987;5446
;Ellice Electric;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Our goal at Ellice Electric is to provide our clients with quality workmanship in a timely manner, with honesty and integrity. ​ With over 22 years in the electrical business, we have interesting and varied experience in the field, along…;43.4761259;-80.9712956;5447
;Elma Steel & Equipment;Manufacturing;Elma Steel & Equipment Ltd. is a family-owned full-service steel warehouse with an extensive inventory ready to supply your metal requirements no matter what quantity is required. If you’re looking for HSS tubing, made-to-order columns or rebar bending in Southwestern…;43.7231637;-80.9464848;5449
;Elms Aviation;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Aircraft Maintenance Engineer;43.3890005;-80.9405806;5450
;Emco Corporation;Building Supplier;Emco Corporation is a leading wholesale distributor of plumbing, HVAC, industrial and waterworks products in Canada. With more than 200 locations, Emco provides its customers with the solutions they need for any size project. Whether you’re a homeowner or large…;43.3514007;-80.9900415;5451
;Endless Summer Tanning Spa;Personal Care Services;Endless Summer provides professional indoor tanning services and all amenities to go with tanning. We carry indoor and outdoor tanning lotions, swimwear for men and women, skincare products designed with a tanner's unique skin in mind. Endless Summer is at…;43.471090;-81.207858;10660
;Ensurco Insurance Group;Insurance Services;;43.3696302;-80.9829017;5452
;Enterprise Rent a Car;Retail;Daily, weekly and monthly rentals of cars, vans, sport utility vehicles and trucks with passenger room up to;43.2584557;-81.1586397;13299
;Erbcroft Farms;Agriculture;Agriculture;43.3439972;-80.9815817;5454
;Eric's Service Centre;Retail;;43.3583736;-80.9953297;5455
;Erie Convenience;Retail;;43.369323;-80.9845763;5456
;Erie Drive In Restaurant;Food & Beverage;;43.3568331;-80.9952467;5457
;Erin Wood Farm;Agriculture;Agriculture;43.3459598;-81.0706804;5458
;Essentials Hair Studio;Personal Care Services;;43.2593139;-81.1405781;5459
;Eve Hair Studio;Personal Care Services;Hair & Tanning Studio;43.371353;-80.9447124;5460
;Everett Electric;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3555225;-80.9608569;5462
;Excalibur Insurance;Finance & Insurance;Financial;43.4674999;-81.1966677;5464
;Express Sign Products;Retail;;43.2590209;-81.1414968;5466
;Expressions In Wood;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.37176;-80.981478;5467
;Expressway Ford;Retail;;43.3517394;-80.9994891;5468
;Extend Communications;Communications;With literally hundreds and hundreds of clients across many different industries, chances are we have experience in handling calls for companies similar to yours. We can tell you what works, what doesn’t work, and why. We will use our expertise…;43.3706341;-80.9810787;5469
;Extreme Hair Design;Personal Care Services;;43.3708881;-80.9516014;5470
;Extremesurf Web Hosting & Design;Information Technology;Web Design & Support;43.731352;-80.9499149;5471
;Eyes To Buy Family Optical;Retail;Owned and operated by optician Shelagh Weinheimer (licensed since 1987). Providing personalized service and affordable eyewear for the entire family since 2003. Eye exams are offered on site and 24 hour service is available in some cases.;43.3708316;-80.9482487;5472
;FA Campbell & Son Insurance - Zehr Insurance Brokers Ltd.;Insurance Services;;43.4678367;-81.1974108;5473
;Factory 163;Other Services;Space To Create,Alternate Venue;43.3689839;-80.9661381;5475
;FAG Aerospace;Manufacturing;Automotive, Aerospace Manufacturing;43.3709147;-80.9545664;5476
;Fairthorne;Arts, Culture, Recreation & Entertainment;Metal Design and Consulting;43.254868;-81.1395275;5478
;Fairway Drywall;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3630327;-80.994116;5479
;Family Services Perth-Huron;Non Profit;Family Services Perth-Huron (FSPH) was established in 1971, in Stratford, Ontario, as a private, non-profit, community-based registered charity. Today we provide a wide range of family counselling and support services in Perth, Huron, Grey and Bruce Counties. FSPH is dedicated…;43.3687724;-80.980059;13111
;Famme & Company;Professional Services;Since 1947, Famme & Co. Professional Corporation has celebrated many years of continuous accounting, auditing and tax services in Southwestern Ontario. As the size of our firm has grown, so has our staff. We service every type of business, including…;43.3711498;-80.9806411;5482
;Fanfare Books;Retail;;43.3714588;-80.981563;5483
;Farm Credit Canada;Finance & Insurance;;43.7512093;-80.9375576;5484
;Faromor;Manufacturing;In 1978, Faromor Ltd began manufacturing and marketing natural ventilation for the agricultural industry. Today, Faromor has become an icon for natural ventilation systems worldwide, by strongly promoting and emphasizing product development, improvement and continually adding to their product offering.…;43.3688039;-80.8210681;5486
;Farthingales;Retail;Corset Making Supplies;43.361386;-80.9927392;5487
;Fastenal Canada;Industrial Supplier;;43.3511642;-80.9879561;5488
;Faust Brothers Home Hardware;Retail;;43.4675443;-81.1966977;5489
;Fawcett Tractor Supply;Retail;;43.2500306;-81.1104683;5490
;Faye's Treasures;Retail;;43.4060071;-81.0589065;5491
;FDI Cage Systems (Ford Dickison 2000);Agricultural Services & Suppliers;Farming Cages, Conveyer Belts;43.4610156;-81.1959606;5492
;Features;Food & Beverage;;43.3712325;-80.9799231;5493
;Feedall Pet Centre;Retail;;43.3709628;-80.9775463;5494
;Feeney Design Build;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Building Contractors;43.4767727;-81.1999104;5495
;Feige's Gourmet Dressings;Food Processing;;43.7157565;-80.9582165;5496
;Fellini's Italian-Mediterranean;Food & Beverage;;43.3712921;-80.9812353;5497
;Feltz Design Build;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3512014;-80.9879172;5498
;Feltz Warehousing;Agricultural Services & Suppliers;Agriculture Suppliers;43.5805915;-80.8326758;5499
;Fenton Electric;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Fenton Electric Ltd has been wiring Stratford for more than 50 years. From the start, our business has always been based on quality work and quality service. When you choose Fenton Electric for your residential, commercial and industrial electrical maintenance…;43.3832461;-81.1532109;5500
;Festival Cab;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.358586;-81.001981;5501
;Festival City Aluminum & Construction;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3581867;-80.9978155;5502
;Festival City Dairy;Food Processing;Dairy, Eggs, Juice;43.3788637;-80.9820384;5503
;Festival City Motors;Retail;;43.3696429;-80.9387976;5504
;Festival City Transmissions;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3523861;-80.9875358;5505
;Festival Furniture;Retail;Started as a hobby in 1986 by founder and President James C. Hayes, Festival Furniture has grown into one of the largest used office furniture dealers in North America. With over 150,000 square feet of warehoused inventory and a 15,000…;43.3702019;-80.9658547;5506
;Festival Inn;Accommodation;Whether you’re holding an intimate get-together for five, a retreat for 25 or a more ambitious gathering for over two hundred, let Festival Inn take care of the arrangements and details. You won’t be disappointed. We have seven meeting rooms…;43.3707438;-80.9430339;5507
;Festival School of Hairstyling;Personal Care Services;;43.3613696;-80.9933638;5508
;Festival Variety;Retail;;43.3601105;-80.9763253;5509
;Festoso Bros Auto Body;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3549037;-80.9937346;5510
;Fettes Travel Plus;Professional Services;;43.7319352;-80.9536906;5511
;FGC Limited;Manufacturing;Agricultural,Industrial Design/Build;43.4628248;-81.0408392;5512
;Filsinger Music;Retail;;43.3714441;-80.9810511;5515
;Finnibilt General Contracting;Retail;;43.3421102;-81.0132099;5516
;Finnie Distributing;Retail;Finnie Distributing is located in St. Marys, Ontario, Canada and was founded by Donald B. Finnie in 1953. The Richardson family purchased the business in 1997 and has since expanded the supply of quality ingredients to the pet food industry.…;43.259278;-81.1433777;5517
;FIO Automation Canada Corportaion;Manufacturing;;43.3498247;-81.0067293;5518
;First Choice Haircutters;Personal Care Services;No Appointment Necessary Haircut;43.3708316;-80.9482487;5519
;First Choice Trophies & Scrapbooking;Retail;;43.7322256;-80.9526084;5520
;First Student;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;At First Student, we believe that education offers students and their families the foundation for productive and successful lives. We take great pride in our ability to support education by making sure children have safe, friendly and reliable transportation to…;43.4102675;-81.068134;5521
;Fischer Feeds;Retail;;43.7367075;-80.9655435;5522
;Fish Time Fish & Chips;Food & Beverage;;43.3698426;-80.9827459;5523
;FIX AUTO STRATFORD;Other Services;Fix Auto Stratford is an expert in car body repair and collision repair for all types of vehicles. Our body shop in Stratford guarantees your cars body repair for life. Being part of Fix Auto's international network of body shops,…;43.3530852;-80.9675185;6065
;Fletcher's Landscaping;Agriculture;Landscaping;43.7512166;-80.9375093;5524
;Flex Physiotherapy;Healthcare;Flex Physiotherapy was established in June of 2008, out of the concept of providing the very best in physiotherapy and complimentary therapies to help our patients regain function and improve quality of life. We provide care for orthopaedic and neurological…;43.3533709;-80.9849359;5525
;Flooring & Paint Store;Retail;We are located in St. Marys, Ontario! We offer FREE in-home consultations, measurements and advice on flooring, colours and window coverings. View our Products page. We carry a variety of items for your home renovations. We offer new Canadian made…;43.2719314;-81.1394113;5526
;Floral Treasures;Retail;Retail;43.4671625;-81.1958995;5527
;Flour Of Life;Retail;;43.3685747;-80.9810279;5529
;Flowers On York;Retail;;43.3718865;-80.9836321;5530
;Food Basics;Retail;;43.3698985;-80.9496428;5532
;Fool's Paradise;Accommodation;;43.37678;-80.9775137;5534
;Forest Motel;Accommodation;Accommodation;43.3555225;-80.9608569;5536
;Forever Growing Children's Fashions;Retail;We buy and sell gently used children's clothing. We have a great selection of clothes for babies, toddlers and kids at very affordable prices. We carry sizes newborn to size 16 for both boys and girls. https://www.facebook.com/ForeverGrowingChildren/;43.25928702117925;-81.14156780991209;16704
;Formal Limousine Service;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3555225;-80.9608569;5537
;Forman Electric;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Electrical, Heating, Air;43.2542126;-81.1381618;5538
;Foster's Inn Restaurant & Lounge;Food & Beverage;Foster's Inn is Stratford's original boutique Inn, residing in a turn-of-the-century Victorian building and located only two doors from the Avon Theatre in the heart of heritage downtown Stratford. We pride ourselves on the warmth of our hospitality and personal…;43.3688543;-80.9810348;5540
;Foundation Genetics;Agricultural Services & Suppliers;;43.6289106;-80.9625118;5541
;Four Happy Restaurant;Food & Beverage;;43.2595662;-81.1417405;5543
;Frank's Driving School;Professional Services;;43.3686504;-80.9811087;5546
;Franklin Hinz;Finance & Insurance;Franklin and Donna launched their business in the Winter of 1970, which has grown over the years and seen a few location changes within the city of Stratford. This lifelong team endeavour initially came to fruition in their residence on…;43.3713806;-80.9782826;5545
;Fraser Asphalt Paving;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;When it comes to your home or business, you can trust Fraser Paving. Family owned and operated since 1977, we understand the importance of the highest quality standards and complete customer satisfaction. A company that you can trust. Fraser has…;43.3358195;-80.9956672;5547
;Frayne Custom Cabinets;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Kitchens, Bathrooms;43.2707589;-81.1391734;5548
;Freedom 55 Financial;Finance & Insurance;;43.3788508;-80.9668003;5549
;Fresh Start Bakery;Retail;;43.7734486;-80.9186721;5550
;Fritz Financial;Finance & Insurance;;43.3743897;-80.9894077;5552
;FS Partners;Agriculture;Agronomy, Energy, Marketing;43.3572834;-80.9948486;5554
;Full of Beans;Agriculture;Bean (Gluten Free) Flours;43.5619236;-81.3862933;5555
;Fullerworks.com Design;Non Profit;;43.2582105;-81.1342133;5556
;Fundamentals - Books & Toys;Retail;Childrens' Toys & Books;43.3714961;-80.9829937;5557
;G H McDonald Construction;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.4061665;-81.0603012;5558
;Gabel J Electric, Plumbing & Heating;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Electric, Plumbing, Heating;43.7252632;-80.9475969;5559
;Gadsby's Clothing;Retail;;43.3714952;-80.9829446;5560
;Gaffney Electrical Solutions;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.5048202;-81.1416691;5562
;Gaffney John Construction;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3706708;-80.9792504;5563
;Galbraith Hot Rods & Race Cars;Professional Services;Car Restoration;44.8988097;-76.2485592;5564
;Gallery Indigena;Arts, Culture, Recreation & Entertainment;;43.37145;-80.9821852;5565
;Gallery Stratford;Arts, Culture, Recreation & Entertainment;;43.3759305;-80.963153;5566
;Gary Ulch Farm Equipment;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Agriculture Machines.;43.470469;-81.187042;10655
;GB Architect;Professional Services;GB Architect Inc. is a full service Architectural firm located in Stratford, Ontario. Work experience is a broad scope which includes private lodges, golf facilities, arenas & rinks, assembly buildings, churches, restaurants, manufacturing facilities, office buildings, public buildings and multi-use…;43.3712088;-80.9687781;5568
;Gemini Jewellers;Retail;Jewellery Sales, Repair;43.731623;-80.9532461;5569
;Gene's Restaurant;Food & Beverage;;43.371441;-80.9818749;5570
;Genex Ontario;Agriculture;;43.3534676;-80.9844091;5571
;George Bezdan Sales;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3746299;-80.952581;5572
;George O'Hara Towing & Repairs;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.2583702;-81.1367145;5573
;Georgian Bay Fire & Safety;Retail;Fire Safety Products;43.3514227;-80.9831001;5574
;Gerber Construction;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Building Construction;43.5674777;-80.9267622;5575
;Gerbers Workwear;Retail;Agricultural Suppliers;43.6319686;-80.960175;5577
;Gerry Burdett;Professional Services;;43.3714905;-80.984252;5578
;Gethke Quality Livestock Systems;Agriculture;;43.5425304;-81.1652362;5579
;GG Goettler of Dublin Fine Furniture;Retail;Goettler's of Dublin in Ontario's Furniture Village features a diverse offering of fine furniture from dozens of quality brands.  ;43.5026932;-81.2877124;5580
;GH McDonald Construction;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.4061665;-81.0603012;5581
;Giant Tiger;Retail;;43.3794558;-81.0001682;5582
;Gildale Farms;Agriculture;Agriculture;43.3082186;-81.1361543;5583
;Gilkinson Financial;Finance & Insurance;Bruce Gilkinson, AMP - In 1993, after graduating from Conestoga College with a Business Administration Accounting Diploma, Bruce opened Gilkinson Tax Planning in his hometown of Listowel, Ontario. With his financial background in tax planning, Bruce pursued the mortgage industry…;43.7305487;-80.9510959;5584
;Gilly's Pubhouse;Food & Beverage;;43.3693365;-80.981738;6557
;Gino's Pizza;Food & Beverage;;43.3716262;-80.9784683;5585
;Glen Gerber Building Contractors;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Building Contractor;43.3705988;-80.9717381;5586
;Glo;Personal Care Services;;43.258233;-81.1432724;5588
;Global Solutions Warehouse;Retail;;43.3604343;-80.9669098;5589
;Global Tool;Retail;;43.7465722;-80.9412562;5590
;Glow Salon & Spa;Personal Care Services;Hair Salon;43.4670754;-81.1957033;5591
;GM BluePlan Engineering Ltd.;Professional Services;GM BluePlan is a dynamic consulting firm focused on providing engineering services across the full life cycle of municipal infrastructure. We have proven traditional engineering combined with infrastructure planning and asset management services.We work with our clients through each step…;43.7420193;-80.9448701;5567
;Goco Gas Bar;Retail;;43.3710415;-80.9596053;5592
;Goliger's Travel Plus;Professional Services;;43.3697748;-80.9455284;5596
;Good Luck Gardens;Agriculture;Retail, Wholesale Vegetable Grower;43.3552403;-81.2875784;5598
;GoodLife Fitness Clubs;Recreation;;43.3592199;-80.9625878;5599
;Goodwill;Non Profit;;43.3713175;-80.9460098;5600
;Gordon's Men's Fashion Shop;Retail;;43.3713014;-80.9819611;5601
;Gospel Lighthouse;Retail;;43.371504;-80.9834286;5602
;Gotech Networking Solutions;Information Technology;;43.3666102;-80.9548495;5603
;GoToGeeks;Technology Services;General Tech Support, Web Development and Digital Signage Displays.;43.252267243494906;-81.13372363491823;10333
;Gra-ham Energy;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.4626135;-81.18408120000001;10663
;Grace The Boutique;Retail;;43.3715913;-80.9819996;5604
;GraHam Energy;Retail;Gra Ham Energy Limited is one of the largest independent fuel suppliers in Ontario. We have been serving the home heat, farm, commercial and aviation markets for over 85 years by supplying, delivering and dispensing a full line of petroleum…;43.2590327;-81.1455482;5605
;Gravelle Mike Plumbing;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3559624;-80.9798129;5606
;Great Lakes New Holland;Agricultural Services & Suppliers;Farm Equipment Sales;43.4426559;-81.1385774;5607
;Green Arbour B & B;Accommodation;Accommodation;43.2592515;-81.1433722;5608
;Green Earth;Retail;;43.3697748;-80.9455284;5609
;Green Window & Door Inc.;Building Supplier;At Green Window & Door, we deliver the greenest windows in Canada. The exclusive Triple-Glazed with Krypton Gas and Offset Technology is available only through our premier supplier, DELUXE Windows. Secondly, we also offer European-style Tilt & Turn Windows.   Green Window & Door, First…;43.2593441;-81.1220493;9835
;Greenbelt Farm;Agriculture;;43.4331378;-81.2165967;5610
;Greener Pastures;Agriculture;;43.3824065;-80.9946313;5611
;Greentech International;Environmental Industries;;43.3530089;-80.9853822;5612
;Greenwood Court;Healthcare;Greenwood Court is designed as a 'Community of Care' where seniors are able to age in place. As the needs of our seniors change, they have access to additional services and supports without having to leave familiar surroundings or newly…;43.3830202;-80.9757248;13243
;Gregory Connor Antiques;Retail;;43.3718948;-80.9841263;5613
;Grotto Hair Studio;Personal Care Services;By Appointment Only Hair Salon;43.3718891;-80.9837884;5614
;Grower Direct Exports;Agriculture;;43.4677178;-81.1982648;5615
;Guenthers Bakery;Retail;;43.566777;-80.9213759;5617
;Guys Vac Shop;Retail;;43.3688151;-80.983717;5618
;H & R Block;Finance & Insurance;;43.3679981;-80.9802179;5619
;H Wright & Son Electrical;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3340801;-81.2849169;5620
;H. Van Moorsel Insulation;Other;A family owned business for over 40 years, located just outside of Mitchell Ontario. We are looking to expand our team. Looking for DZ drivers / Spray Foamers / team members to provide customer service in the agricultural and business…;43.4908432;-81.20781640000001;13349
;Hahn Farms;Agricultural Services & Suppliers;;43.3706446;-80.9377102;5621
;Hair by Cecilia;Personal Care Services;Hair Salon;43.7362399;-80.9444523;5622
;Hair Fashions Unlimited;Personal Care Services;;43.3703052;-80.9775127;5623
;Hair Logic;Personal Care Services;;43.3651677;-80.9881309;5624
;Hairitage Salon;Personal Care Services;Hair Salon;43.2594224;-81.1433057;5626
;Hallmark Blowes Cards & Gifts;Retail;;43.3697748;-80.9455284;5629
;Hamilton Wood Products;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Cabinetry, Fine Woodworking;43.6693889;-81.0178608;5630
;Handmade Homes;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Handmade Homes provides design and construction services to the residential renovation market within Perth County.  Handmade Homes offers service in Renovations, Small Jobs, Design and Space Planning, Job Coordination Consulting, and Project Management.;43.3790832;-80.9685159;13317
;Hanh's Kitchen;Food & Beverage;;43.3641891;-80.9893341;5631
;Hanna & Hamilton Construction;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Excavating Contractor;43.7264092;-80.94447;5632
;Happy Valley Family Health Team;Healthcare;The Happy Valley Family Health Team is a dynamic team of professionals that provide comprehensive care to residents of St. Marys and the surrounding rural area. The multi-disciplinary team consists of physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, dietitian, pharmacist, mental health worker,…;43.2597455;-81.1521111;5633
;Hardwood Haven;Accommodation;Hardwood Haven is a beautiful, historical Italianate house that has all the qualities needed to make your stay special. Nestled in a perfect setting with all the modern amenities, it is also within walking distance of downtown Listowel and several…;43.7341233;-80.9588433;5634
;Harmer Concrete Pumping;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Harmer Concrete Pumping Ltd was started in May 2005 with one new 38m concrete pump and has grown to 9 concrete pumps ( 32m-56m ) , one Telebelt and a Hiab boom truck . We provide ACPA trained operators with…;43.3633038;-81.2551541;5635
;Harmony By Earthwinds;Retail;;43.371446;-80.9811174;5636
;Harris Garage;Other Services;The original owners on this sight, 402 Queen Street West were Ralph and Ruth Nixon who owned and operated the garage and gas station until 1984. In 1976 the original garage burnt to the ground and the current building was…;43.2605012;-81.1319811;5637
;Harry Ten Shilling Restaurant & Tearoom;Food & Beverage;;43.3695953;-80.8373919;5638
;Hartstein Swine;Agriculture;;43.3891558;-80.9528641;5639
;Harwill Farms;Agriculture;;43.7836779;-80.8745903;5640
;Hasenpflug Accounting Services;Finance & Insurance;;43.5660089;-80.9218343;5641
;Hathaway House Bed & Breakfast;Accommodation;;43.2590792;-81.1329545;5642
;Hawkins Cabinetry;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Cabinetry, Renovations;43.2595606;-81.1410155;5643
;HBS Systems;Technology Services;HBS Systems believes having the most powerful, comprehensive software suite in the industry is only part of the solution. Just as critical to the success of a system change/installation are the Electronic Data Conversion, Employee Training, System Implementation and Ongoing…;43.3604343;-80.9669098;5645
;Headlines Hair Studio;Personal Care Services;Unisex Family Hair Salon;43.3703229;-80.9773602;5646
;Headquarters Hair Salon;Personal Care Services;Family & Barber Shop;43.3870441;-80.9689133;5647
;Heal A'Peel Lifestyle Centre;Personal Care Services;;43.2605444;-81.1397343;5648
;Healthy Computers;Professional Services;At Healthy Computers we offer expert services in laptops, PCs, Macs, printers, accessories, and more. Our reputation is built around the exceptional and professional quality care we provide to our clients through our certified technicians and competitive pricing. Some of…;43.7321956;-80.9525144;5649
;Hearn's Ice Cream;Food & Beverage;This family business has included three generations. Kelly Hearn bought the present property from Herb Sparling in 1948. He built the cement block building where he and his wife Eileen bottled milk and delivered door to door. In 1966 they…;43.2603498;-81.1347744;5650
;Heather Lennon - Virtual Pinch Hitter;Professional Services;We each have those “If only I could get to it” projects sitting on our desks, waiting for the 30 hour clock to be invented. The reality; there are only 24 hours in a day and the competition for our…;43.2692459;-81.1369971;13256
;Helena's Gardening;Agriculture;Gardening Design & Installation;43.5270406;-81.0366251;5653
;Hendrickson Spring;Manufacturing;;43.3706708;-80.9792504;5654
;Henry's Barber Shop;Personal Care Services;;43.3685907;-80.9810762;5655
;Hensall District Co-operative;Agricultural Services & Suppliers;Agriculture Suppliers;43.6661128;-81.1009017;5656
;Herbal Magic;Personal Care Services;;43.3710195;-80.9587144;5657
;Herbal One;Personal Care Services;;43.3786844;-80.9984166;5658
;Heritage Memorials;Retail;The Stone Centre Inc is Ontario's largest professional monumental stone working company. We design and manufacture all types of cemetery memorials, and carry a full line of cemetery accessories and related products. All our work is done in house and…;43.3599579;-80.9925371;5659
;Herrfort, Ralph Welding & Repair;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.4655535;-81.1853392;5660
;Hertel's Plumbing;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3599304;-80.9943072;5661
;HessComp Consulting;Information Technology;Software Developer;43.3797009;-80.9848263;5662
;HH Delea & Company;Retail;;43.3714313;-80.9815382;5663
;Hicks House Printing;Retail;Your NEW printing headquarters location. We provide many printing services including but not limited to brochures, menus, flyers, business cards, gift certificates and tickets. Types of tickets available are events/admission, raffle, drink, Chinese auction, Penny Sale, wrist bands, parking pass…;43.4677732;-81.196873;5664
;Hidden Treasures;Retail;;43.3617324;-80.9910701;5665
;Highlander Roofing;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.359999;-80.9831832;5666
;Hillside Manor;Healthcare;Revera is a leading owner, operator and investor in the senior living sector committed to helping older adults live life to the fullest. Through its portfolio of partnerships, Revera owns or operates more than 500 properties across Canada, the United…;43.4908432;-81.20781640000001;5668
;Hilton Whole Grain Millers;Retail;Peanut Butter Substitute Sales;43.4556517;-81.3173697;5669
;Hishon's Custom;Retail;;43.3777148;-80.9967657;5670
;Hoegy Farm Supply;Agricultural Services & Suppliers;;43.5590912;-81.2074853;5671
;Hoffmeyers Mill;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.4031759;-81.0527198;5672
;Home and Company Real Estate;Real Estate & Rental;Home & Company Real Estate is a boutique-style brokerage with a team of experienced, forward-thinking realtors. Working with a collaborative team approach, we embrace the latest tools and technology to provide our clients with absolutely unparalleled customer service, always. We…;43.3663363;-80.9791767;6814
;Home Hardware Building Centre;Retail;;43.3706904;-80.9390858;5673
;Hometown Variety;Retail;Convenience store in downtown Mitchell.;44.8988097;-76.2485592;10631
;Honeybrae Apiary;Agriculture;;43.4626518;-81.2042771;5674
;Hoover's Maple Syrup;Agriculture;Maple syrup products;43.6855681;-80.9947882;5675
;Hopper Well Drilling;Agriculture;Well Drilling;43.2949065;-81.048225;5676
;Howard Cook Drainage;Agricultural Services & Suppliers;;43.370527;-80.9816759;5677
;Howard Minnett Accountant;Professional Services;;43.3780961;-80.9862657;5678
;Hoyles & Roswell;Professional Services;Accounting Services;43.7341837;-80.9508606;5679
;Hubbard Pharmacy;Healthcare;;43.2596502;-81.1411976;5680
;Huber Construction;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3529982;-80.9849303;5681
;Hudson's Listowel Kia;Retail;;43.7397553;-80.9463318;5682
;Hudson's of Stratford;Retail;BEGINNING- LEARN MORE ABOUT HUDSON’S COMPANY HISTORY In 1912, our founder Harry Shapiro sold dry goods door-to-door from a horse-drawn cart to the townspeople of Stratford. As his business grew and prospered, he was able to establish a storefront. As…;43.3683801;-80.9809221;5683
;Hugh Mcdonald;Professional Services;;43.3721454;-80.9799173;5684
;Human Synergistics;Professional Services;;43.2536762;-81.135927;5685
;Humphrey Fleet Service;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Transportation Services;43.3447805;-81.0192351;5686
;Hunter Specialty Steel Sales;Manufacturing;Manufacturing;43.3536256;-80.9782919;5687
;Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance - St. Marys;Healthcare;;43.2589986;-81.1518984;5688
;Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance - Stratford;Healthcare;;43.368168;-80.995481;5689
;Huronview Insurance Brokers;Professional Services;Professional Services;43.5661093;-80.9217822;5692
;Huxley Dig Demo & Roll-Off;Other Services;Demolition, Debris Removal;43.4848262;-81.1375436;5694
;Hyde Construction;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;General Contracting;43.3544786;-80.9929093;5695
;Hypertext Digital;Information Technology;Website Design;43.3677415;-80.9874091;5696
;Ideal Supply;Retail;Auto Part Sales;43.2580528;-81.1573641;5697
;IFCC;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;IFCC Inc. is a Canadian custom kitchen cabinet manufacturer, with over 30 years experience of building high quality cabinets. IFCC Inc. manufacturers European style cabinets with a wide range of styles, colors and design to compliment any lifestyle. Our attention…;43.6853461;-80.8417069;5699
;IMAC Electrical;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3516323;-80.9829572;5700
;Industrial Contracting Solutions;Manufacturing;;43.3467185;-81.0184639;5701
;Industrial Hydraulics;Manufacturing;;43.3513072;-80.9783597;5702
;Industrial Woodworking & Paint;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Woodworking Craftsman;43.3555225;-80.9608569;5703
;Infinity Dance;Arts, Culture, Recreation & Entertainment;At Infinity Dance we believe students of all ages and abilities deserve the chance to learn the art and discipline of dance in a nurturing and inspiring dance class. We strive to share our passion and joy for dance with…;43.361032;-80.991615;5704
;Innovative Print;Other Services;Signage, Quality Marketing Materials;43.5726459;-80.8366709;5706
;INOAC Interior Systems;Manufacturing;INOAC Interior Systems in St Marys, ON began producing instrument panels in 1988. St Marys, ON is located 30 minutes north of London, ON. St Marys is home to the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame. There are a variety of…;48.3770385;-89.2895139;16315
;Integrated Mechanical Service;Manufacturing;Manufacturing;43.3682159;-80.9667655;5707
;Integrated Wall Systems;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.5888733;-80.8756951;5708
;Interior Expectations;Retail;;43.467351;-81.1962563;5709
;Intermodal/Evcro;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.52407;-81.3289825;5710
;Investment Planning Counsel;Finance & Insurance;;43.3715622;-80.9779364;5712
;Investors Group Financial Services;Finance & Insurance;;43.2581756;-81.1418559;5713
;Ironbridge Fabrication;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.5198841;-80.9214051;5714
;Ironwood Construction;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Building Construction;43.4657715;-81.1905372;5715
;J & A Devries Construction;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.773708;-80.9219183;5716
;J & G Auto Service;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.4029331;-81.0519033;5717
;J & S Services;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3656764;-80.9631865;5718
;Jack The Barber;Personal Care Services;;43.3706441;-80.9807907;5719
;Jackson's Guardian Pharmacy;Healthcare;;43.2584511;-81.141901;5720
;Jacob Auctions;Other Services;;43.4592816;-81.19557139999999;10665
;Jacobs' Family Service Centre;Other Services;Fuel Supplies;43.5617258;-81.3864202;5721
;James Rutherford Funeral Home;Professional Services;The funeral home is an important part of any community. In addition to providing a variety of necessary services to the community such as burial services, cremation services, memorial services and celebrations of life, funeral homes also serve as resources…;43.3706042;-80.9769756;5722
;Jamieson Car & Truck Rental;Retail;;43.3707051;-80.9401869;5723
;Janelle's Spa & Boutique;Personal Care Services;;43.3708881;-80.9516014;5725
;Jantzi Excavating and Bulldozing;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.5619222;-81.3862945;5727
;Jantzi Fuels;Retail;;43.3652777;-80.9591121;5728
;Jasper's Paralegal;Professional Services;;43.3653542;-80.9853827;5729
;Jay's Garden Gazebos;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Gazebo Construction;43.519834;-80.924266;5730
;JC Millwrights;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.7697474;-80.9981576;5731
;JD Holman Mechanical;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Plumbing, Heating Services;43.4797808;-81.2115728;5732
;Jeffrey Custom Masonry;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3634563;-80.9782005;5734
;Jen's Kitchen Café;Food & Beverage;;43.467803;-81.196866;10634
;Jenn & Larry's Brittle'n Shakes & Ice Cream Cakes;Food & Beverage;;43.3718757;-80.9829915;5735
;Jenn Feeds;Food & Beverage;Personal health conscious and delicious food services.;43.3655865;-80.9874427;6815
;Jessi Stanfield;Professional Services;;43.3728064;-80.9797204;5737
;JF Skinner Builders;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.431775;-81.1096581;5738
;Jiffy Lube;Other Services;;43.370941;-80.9545301;5740
;Jim Tubb Electrical Ltd.;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Electrician - Residential Construction and Maintenance.;44.8988097;-76.2485592;10521
;JMS Automotive;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Auto Repair;43.4682512;-81.1961021;5743
;JNB Heavy Haul;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.5048202;-81.1416691;5744
;Jodi M. Liptrot, B.L.A.;Professional Services;Landscape Architect and full member of the Ontario Association of Landscape Architects and the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects. Services include: Custom Residential Public and Private Development Projects Entry Gateway Features Street Tree Planting Plans Storm Water Management Landscape Plans…;43.2567213;-81.14100739999999;13345
;Joe's Diner;Food & Beverage;;43.3684781;-80.9846691;5746
;Joe's Variety;Retail;;43.3709429;-80.9546676;5747
;John Brunner Electric & Security;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.4706997;-81.2038882;5748
;John Carter Excavating;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.6063764;-80.9186907;5749
;John Nicholson Auctioneer;Professional Services;;43.5621231;-80.9222798;5750
;John O'Rourke;Professional Services;;43.3714905;-80.984252;5751
;John Pook MD;Healthcare;;43.2597455;-81.1521111;5752
;Johnny's Meat and Deli;Food Processing;Specialty meats and cheese.;43.4675394;-81.1960879;5753
;Johns Pools & Ponds;Retail;Pond & Pool Construction;43.3082186;-81.1361543;5754
;Johnson Engineering Consultants;Professional Services;Johnson Engineering Consultants is a comprehensive Professional Consulting Engineering office with a reputation for providing our clients with professional, personal service and in creating practical, efficient, and attractive solutions through coordinated design and team effort. We offer engineering services for…;43.377893;-80.9962221;5755
;Johnston's Custom Cabinets;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.7241637;-80.9485132;5756
;Jones Motors;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.5892903;-81.0804759;5757
;Jonny's Antiques;Retail;;43.3688576;-80.8360369;5758
;Joseph Murray;Professional Services;;43.3706215;-80.9806892;5759
;JP Stairs & Railing;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.663407;-81.0225568;5760
;JP Uniac Insurance;Insurance Services;Insurance Brokerage;43.4677232;-81.197166;5761
;Julie Weston RMT;Healthcare;Registered Massage Therapy;43.2589319;-81.1421532;5762
;Jump Rehabilitation;Healthcare;;43.3643155;-80.987659;5763
;Just For Him;Retail;;43.3697748;-80.9455284;5765
;Just Pipe;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;J. A. Porter Holdings is a family owned and operated business for over 50 years. We manufacture quality precast concrete products from their Lucknow facility and distributes them to a large part of western, central and northern Ontario through site…;43.3706714;-80.9377094;5766
;Juttings & Associates;Finance & Insurance;;43.3751551;-80.9906896;5767
;Juve Day Spa;Personal Care Services;;43.3622392;-80.9906258;5768
;K & D Rose Construction;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.5618936;-81.3862757;5769
;K & K Racing;Retail;;43.3568327;-80.9949322;5770
;K & M Technologies;Manufacturing;;43.351289;-80.9802601;5771
;Kamil Kolosowski Dr;Healthcare;;43.2576103;-81.1403365;5772
;Karcher - Professional Wash Systems;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3325047;-80.8360224;5773
;Karl Weselan Dentistry;Healthcare;;43.2576732;-81.1433129;5774
;Katharine Rajczak;Professional Services;After working for a number of years in the non-profit sector in the arts, health, and social services, Ms. Rajczak attended law school in the 1990s. She received her LLB from Osgoode Hall Law School in 1994 and was called…;43.3691403;-80.9804633;5775
;Kathleen DeBlock;Professional Services;;43.3706215;-80.9806892;5776
;Kathy'z Kutz;Personal Care Services;;43.3777148;-80.9967657;5777
;Kawthoolei Farm Organics;Agriculture;Farm Gate;43.4444157;-81.3909671;5778
;Keeneye Design;Communications;;43.3733896;-80.9896029;5779
;Keil-Dadson Insurance Brokers;Insurance Services;;43.7315846;-80.9531474;5780
;Kelly's Electric;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Locally Owned and Operated Owner operated with a crew of well-trained, certified and experienced employees, Kelly’s Electric provides complete electrical construction and maintenance services, as well as underground and overhead utility installations. •Electrical system design, installation and automation •Directional drilling…;43.3820628;-81.003368;5782
;Kempston & Werth Realty Ltd.;Professional Services;;43.7324264;-80.9524446;5784
;Ken Robinson Refrigeration (KRR);Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3512396;-80.9900457;5786
;Kevin Ludington Plumbing;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.4671337;-81.1865967;5788
;Keystone Alley;Food & Beverage;;43.3697955;-80.9804674;5789
;KFC;Food & Beverage;;43.7278548;-80.9445407;5790
;Kick Masters Karate & Kickboxing;Recreation;;43.378453;-80.9972941;5791
;Kingsway Lodge;Healthcare;;43.2600752;-81.1358655;5792
;Kipfer's Garage;Retail;Auto Sales and Service;43.5665051;-80.9242368;5793
;Kirkton Veterinary Clinic;Professional Services;Veterinary Services;43.32401;-81.3115914;5795
;Kitchen Connaisseur;Retail;;43.3713138;-80.982042;5796
;Klomp's Landscaping & Hot Tubs;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Klomp’s Landscaping & Hot Tubs Inc. has been creating outdoor living spaces that enhance the lives of our clients by consistently meeting their individual needs since 1989. We have established a reputation as the leader in landscape design and construction.…;43.289473310087295;-81.05141054165648;8119
;Knapp Shoes and Clothing;Retail;;43.7322593;-80.9528094;5799
;Knollcrest Lodge;Healthcare;We are much more than a Long Term Care Home! We have created a Wellness Campus to serve Milverton and the surrounding area. From Long Term Care to child care, we host a wide variety of services that serve community…;43.5705458;-80.9204317;5800
;Kollman's Sales & Service;Retail;;43.3582072;-80.6465237;5802
;Konrad's Gold & Gems;Retail;;43.371512;-80.9839207;5803
;Koolen Designs;Arts, Culture, Recreation & Entertainment;;43.3702133;-80.9818113;5804
;Kraemer Concrete;Agricultural Services & Suppliers;;43.5281864;-80.9443635;5805
;Krantz Machine & Welding;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3332931;-80.9068875;5806
;Kuepfer Auctions;Other Services;;43.5702809;-80.918741;5807
;Kuepfer Farm Drainage;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.6330639;-80.8971124;5808
;Kyle McGraw Paralegal Services;Professional Services;;43.3728064;-80.9797204;5809
;La Debonaire Hair Design;Personal Care Services;Hair Salon & Day Spa;43.3713871;-80.9800071;5811
;Lafarge Canada;Manufacturing;;43.3351862;-80.9936344;5812
;Lafay Family Chiropractic;Healthcare;;43.3713111;-80.9741883;5813
;Lai King Chinese Food;Food & Beverage;Since 1988, Lai King has offered its costumers a quality mixture of Canadian and authentic Chinese cuisine. This family run take out restaurant has always been in the forefront of quality, service and convenience and strives to continue this tradition…;43.3624315;-81.0078163;5814
;Laidlaw Carriers;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3531722;-80.9852012;5816
;Land and Ross Antiques;Retail;;43.3694127;-80.8382821;5817
;Lang Contracting;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3815524;-80.9976272;5818
;Lannin Electrical, Mechanical, Automation;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Electrical, Mechanical Contractor;43.4087706;-81.0647732;5819
;Larry Hudson Pontiac Buick GMC;Retail;;43.7437551;-80.9434366;5820
;Larry Otten Contracting;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Trades;43.3857262;-80.9582097;5821
;Larry's Carpet One;Retail;Carpet Sales, Installation;43.4579095;-81.0297471;5822
;Larry's Carpet One;Retail;Carpet Sales, Installation;43.4579095;-81.0297471;6006
;Larson Financial;Finance & Insurance;;43.3608236;-80.9917831;5823
;Lasting Impressions Stoneworks;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.2698717;-81.136357;5824
;Laverty Goat Meat Products;Agriculture;;43.4201774;-80.9931217;5825
;Leads Employment Services;Employment Services;LEADS Employment Services is a not for profit employment and skills development agency. Since 1986, we have been providing specialized services for people with disabilities and/or employment-related barriers throughout Southwestern Ontario. At LEADS, Employment Specialists work with clients who need…;43.3710032;-80.98341970000001;13284
;Legacy House;Accommodation;;43.3678542;-80.9873131;5828
;Legge Fitness Stores;Retail;Fitness Machines & Sauna Sales;43.7319679;-80.9544464;5829
;Leis Feed and Supply;Agricultural Services & Suppliers;Animal Feeds;43.5575968;-80.9291096;5830
;Leyser Disposal Bin Service;Other Services;Leyser Disposal Bin Service is a locally owned and operates a full service roll-off disposal container company for all your bin rental needs. Whether you require a bin rental for a small renovation, rubbish removal or to clean your property,…;43.375524;-80.9914908;5831
;LH Gray & Sons;Food Processing;Lyle and Ina Gray established an egg grading station in the very competitive Southwestern Ontario egg market. By 1969, they had eliminated the competition and established L. H. Gray & Son as the one & only egg grading station in…;43.7215319;-80.9477987;5832
;Liberty Tire;Manufacturing;;43.5277379;-80.9447037;5833
;Libro Credit Union;Finance & Insurance;;43.735923;-80.965643;5834
;Life's a Party;Retail;;43.7323394;-80.9549572;6007
;Lifetime Vision Care;Healthcare;To ensure that each of our patients receives •The Best Possible Visual Performance and Quality of Life •Quality Service and Value •Quality Vision and Health Care •Respect for Their Dignity and Well-Being •Individual Attention •Patient Education We are committed •To…;43.25778;-81.1420057;5228
;Linde Canada;Manufacturing;;43.3516345;-80.9830812;5836
;Lindsay's Bakery;Retail;;43.4647807;-80.9951245;6008
;Liquor Control Board of Ontario;Retail;;43.2609211;-81.1428389;5838
;Listowel Automotive Specialized Services;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.7364872;-80.9650252;5839
;Listowel Banner;Information Services;;43.7323269;-80.9525686;5840
;Listowel City Ford;Retail;Auto Sales;43.7228761;-80.9596464;5842
;Listowel Clinic North Perth Family Health;Healthcare;;43.7321673;-80.9507891;5843
;Listowel Cold Storage;Food Processing;;43.7364048;-80.9652657;5844
;Listowel Country Inn;Accommodation;;43.7697474;-80.9981576;5845
;Listowel Farm Supply;Agricultural Services & Suppliers;Agriculture Supplies;43.7421048;-80.944781;5846
;Listowel Florist;Retail;;43.7322652;-80.9524425;5847
;Listowel Honda;Retail;;43.7228612;-80.9596159;5849
;Listowel Public Library;Culture;;43.732411;-80.9551322;5851
;Listowel Taxi;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.7697474;-80.9981576;5852
;Listowel Technology;Manufacturing;Manufacturing;43.7364048;-80.9652657;5853
;Listowel Truck Centre;Retail;;43.7236958;-80.9488376;5854
;Little Caesars Pizza;Food & Beverage;;43.3708316;-80.9482487;5855
;Little Falls Co-Operative Homes;Service Organization;;43.2480466;-81.1339594;5856
;Little Falls Crafters Market;Retail;;43.2592671;-81.1434816;5857
;Little Falls Design Centre;Professional Services;;43.2593654;-81.1425902;5858
;Little Lakes Machine & Tool;Manufacturing;;43.3706714;-80.9377094;5859
;Little Shop of Heroes;Retail;;43.731152;-80.9532177;5860
;Live Landscape;Agriculture;;43.5805886;-80.832678;5861
;Livestock Nutritional Services;Agricultural Services & Suppliers;;43.5731602;-80.8408529;5862
;Lloyd's Electric Of Stratford;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Commercial, Industrial Electrician;43.3652605;-80.9682301;6009
;Local Community Food Centre;Food & Beverage;By committing to a monthly donation of any size, you can be one of the Local's first 100 Neighbours for Change. A strong foundation of small, regular contributions from our neighbours means that we are less dependant on restrictive grants…;43.3572834;-80.9948486;5865
;Lockhart Funeral Home;Professional Services;;43.4676775;-81.1947985;5866
;Logic Plus Solitions Inc.;Professional Services;Logic + Solutions Inc is a local business serving Stratford and area for over 20 years.  If your needing Sales, Service, Supplies for your printers computers or multifunction units give us a call.;43.3809651;-81.00355379999999;6735
;Long & McQuade;Retail;Music Instruction & Sales;43.371504;-80.9834286;5869
;Looks Unlimited;Personal Care Services;;43.7324347;-80.9541052;5870
;Lorentz Kitchens;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3530928;-80.975326;5871
;Lorne Ave Salvage Yard & Recycling;Other Services;;43.3527607;-80.9637176;5872
;Lucid Musings Photography;Professional Services;;43.2594968;-81.141506;5873
;Luckhart Transport;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.561703;-81.3864834;5874
;Lucky Dog Grooming & Kennels;Personal Care Services;;43.2594561;-81.1418195;5875
;Lyric Flowers;Retail;;43.2595781;-81.1408808;5877
;M & M Meat Shops;Retail;Meats, Frozen Foods;43.7420193;-80.9448701;5878
;M & M Tilling;Agriculture;;43.4668205;-81.1889524;5880
;M & M Variety Store;Retail;;43.2590378;-81.1436708;5881
;Mac's Convenience Store;Retail;;43.732308;-80.9542122;5888
;Mac's Convenience Store;Retail;;43.2596289;-81.1401646;6011
;Mac's Convenience Stores;Retail;;43.3785959;-80.9982235;5889
;Mac's Convenience Stores;Retail;;43.3870441;-80.9689133;5890
;Mac's Variety;Retail;;43.4687301;-81.1973648;5891
;Machan Construction;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Excavating, Bulldozing;43.5890903;-81.0827652;5883
;MacLean Cabinetry;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.387725;-80.9690356;5884
;MacLeods Scottish Shop;Retail;;43.371572;-80.981968;5885
;Macpherson Enterprises;Retail;;43.259278;-81.1433777;5886
;Madelyn's Diner;Food & Beverage;;43.3778337;-80.9966015;5892
;Magest Building;Manufacturing;Manufacturing;43.3596519;-81.0074438;5893
;Magic Wok Chinese Restaurant;Food & Beverage;;43.7420193;-80.9448701;5894
;Majer Eric Floor Sanding & Refinishing;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.375941;-80.9938897;5896
;Majer's Motel;Accommodation;;43.3706714;-80.9377094;5897
;Maloney & Pepping Construction;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3516028;-80.9879325;5898
;Mane Appeal;Personal Care Services;;43.5658517;-80.9221029;5899
;Mane Stage Hair Studio and Spa;Personal Care Services;Hair, Skin, Body;43.3692094;-80.9806926;5900
;Manpower;Employment Services;Employment Agency;43.3700007;-80.98222860000001;9915
;Manulife Financial;Professional Services;;43.3748967;-80.9905632;5901
;Maple Leaf Fresh Foods;Food Processing;;43.2537676;-81.1950312;5902
;Margo's Pet Grooming;Personal Care Services;Professional Pet Services;43.3709628;-80.9775463;5903
;Mark Jutzi Funeral Home;Professional Services;;43.569577;-80.9180591;5906
;Mark's Work Wearhouse;Retail;;43.7325152;-80.9682943;5909
;Marklevitz Architects;Professional Services;Architecture & Interior Design;43.3800849;-81.0014712;5907
;Marlin Travel;Professional Services;;43.3704408;-80.9764755;5910
;Marsh Construction Consulting;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3661762;-80.9610517;5911
;Martha Cook;Professional Services;;43.3709289;-80.9824459;5912
;Martin Temporary Staffing;Professional Services;;43.3532793;-81.0127582;5913
;Martingale Vintage;Retail;Martingale Vintage is a curated collection of vintage clothing specializing in dresses, coats, handbags, tops and shoes. Some quality thrift items as well: TopShop, Zara, H and M, BR, French Connection. Lots of focus on the 80's, but many items…;43.36902569999999;-80.98344340000001;6811
;Martyn & Son Auto Repair;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.5618847;-81.3863268;5914
;Marziali Garage;Other Services;;43.2582029;-81.1525973;5915
;Masonal Construction;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.5527341;-80.9323088;5916
;Massons Plumbing;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3850091;-80.9797348;5917
;Masterfeeds;Manufacturing;We are an organization of people with the collective purpose of adding value to the lives of our customers, dealers and employees. Masterfeeds is a proud Canadian company that grew with the nation throughout the twentieth century. The lives and…;43.3628735;-80.9584717;5918
;Matrix Acupuncture & Laser Clinic;Personal Care Services;;43.3710278;-80.9602651;5919
;Matt Mackey Landscaping;Agriculture;From custom-designed walkways to installing ponds and waterfall features to your backyard, the experienced landscapers at Matt Mackey Landscaping can work on a backyard design with you. We can provide maintenance to your landscape, from pruning plants to repairing your…;43.3746286;-80.9798409;5920
;McBryde Rentals;Other Services;Party & Wedding Supplies;43.5809002;-80.8324316;5922
;McCann Construction;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.4040944;-81.0066098;5924
;McCarthy Place Retirement Residence;Personal Care Services;;43.3865354;-80.9780051;5926
;McCully's Hill Farm;Agriculture;Come out to the farm and learn how maple syrup is made! Take a horse drawn wagon ride through the sugar bush, and see how we collect the sap and then visit the sugar shack to learn how we make…;43.2675139;-81.0815532;6022
;McDonald's Independent Grocer;Retail;;43.2572518;-81.1623007;5928
;McDonald's Restaurant;Food & Beverage;Food & Beverage;43.7414596;-80.9448918;5929
;McDonald's Restaurant;Food & Beverage;Food & Beverage;43.7414596;-80.9448918;6024
;McDonalds;Food & Beverage;This a place where you can work and make money.;43.3542697;-80.9973997;6716
;McDonnell Carpentry;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3692727;-80.9637001;5930
;McGuire Quality Construction;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Residential construction and renovation.;43.39;-81.22196199999999;16807
;McIntosh Power & Leisure;Retail;;43.2738498;-81.1937674;5931
;McIver Enterprises;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.4262909;-81.1738575;5932
;McLaughlin's Plymouth Chrysler;Retail;;43.4695615;-81.1998317;5934
;McLean Taylor Stone Town;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Metal Construction;43.2594728;-81.1434649;5935
;McNain Communications;Communications;TV, Phone, Internet, Rogers Dealer;43.3712684;-80.9574185;5936
;McNichol Trucking;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.4605187;-81.1984011;5937
;McPhail's Feed Services;Retail;;43.2593896;-81.1423726;5938
;MCR Advanced Collision & Marine;Other Services;;43.3531733;-80.9684044;5939
;McTaggart Wettlaufer Insurance;Finance & Insurance;;43.4674999;-81.1966677;5940
;McTavish Collision & Marine;Other Services;;43.3447805;-81.0192351;5941
;Meadowridge Variety;Retail;;43.2434616;-81.1335914;5943
;Meinen Roofing;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Other Services;43.4377369;-81.1778522;5945
;Mennonite Savings & Credit Union;Finance & Insurance;;43.5654475;-80.9224582;5947
;Mercer Hall Inn;Accommodation;;43.3714469;-80.9811505;5948
;Meridian Credit Union;Finance & Insurance;;43.2593872;-81.1421495;5949
;Metcalf Design;Wholesale & Distribution;;43.2548042;-81.1284857;5951
;Meulensteen Tire & Auto Service;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.7354882;-80.9659424;5952
;Michael Fair;Professional Services;Michael Fair Law Office is a family-run legal firm, serving clients in Stratford and the surrounding areas since 1980. Our areas of legal focus include real estate law, wills and estate planning, powers of attorney, criminal law and uncontested divorce…;43.3709289;-80.9824459;5954
;Microchip 4 Solutions;Information Technology;;43.4666323;-81.1963068;5955
;Midas Auto Service;Other Services;;43.3517394;-80.9994891;5956
;Midwest Energy Service;Other Services;;43.3353671;-81.1026682;5957
;Mike Rolph Concrete;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.4704484;-81.207037;5959
;Mike's Bowling Lanes;Recreation;;43.3549166;-80.9937615;5960
;Millbank Cheese;Retail;Cheese Custom Orders;43.557207;-81.3930672;5961
;Millbank Country Hardware;Retail;;43.5696834;-80.8345076;5962
;Millbank Family Furniture;Retail;;43.5716846;-80.8372639;5963
;Milverton Family Clinic;Healthcare;;43.5578075;-81.39134;5964
;Milverton Family Dental Centre;Healthcare;;43.5665356;-80.9216856;5965
;Milverton Mini Mart;Retail;;43.5656155;-80.9222861;5966
;Milverton/District Medical Centre;Healthcare;Family Health Practice Clinic;43.5705458;-80.9204317;5967
;Mitchell Auto Parts;Retail;;43.4780594;-81.1894905;5968
;Mitchell Country Depot;Retail;;43.398817;-81.0428224;5969
;Mitchell Cycle;Retail;Retail;43.4780594;-81.1894905;5970
;Mitchell Family Doctors;Healthcare;Healthcare;43.4764948;-81.1926557;5971
;Mitchell Feed Mill;Agricultural Services & Suppliers;;43.4012406;-81.0480693;5972
;Mitchell Gas & Variety;Retail;;43.4654767;-81.1919853;5973
;Mitchell Golf & Country Club;Recreation;From our fair but challenging golf course, to our lounge and banquet hall that offer a variety of food & beverages and event & entertainment possibilities, the Mitchell Golf Club has just about something for everyone. Located in the North…;43.48092122943725;-81.1989601757324;5974
;Mitchell Ironworks;Manufacturing;;43.4712527;-81.20554;5975
;Mitchell Medical Pharmacy;Retail;Mitchell Medical Pharmacy is an independent community pharmacy in Mitchell, Ontario. Located in the Mitchell Medical Centre, this full-service pharmacy also includes a compounding facility. Committed to personalized, professional service, the staff at Mitchell Medical Pharmacy provides superior patient care.…;43.4764948;-81.1926557;5976
;Mitchell Nursing Home;Healthcare;;43.4744241;-81.2005798;5978
;Mitchell Roofing;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Roofing Services;43.4578727;-81.1986602;5979
;Mitchell Seaforth Cable Ltd.;Communications;Communications;43.466779;-81.1949672;5980
;Mitchell Tire Service;Retail;;43.4594183;-81.1973277;5982
;Mitchell Veterinary Services;Professional Services;Animal Health Care  ;43.4629487;-81.185066;5983
;MLD Concrete Construction;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.456523;-81.0749536;5984
;Moffat & Powell Rona;Retail;;43.4594417;-81.178286;5985
;Moksha Yoga;Recreation;;43.3679326;-80.9807185;5986
;Mollet's Designer Desserts;Food & Beverage;Specialty Desserts;43.2605624;-81.1406916;5987
;Molly Blooms Irish Pub;Food & Beverage;;43.3698;-80.980777;5988
;Mone Thai;Food & Beverage;;43.3696148;-80.9826648;5989
;Monteith Ritsma Phillips;Professional Services;;43.4659671;-81.1935874;5990
;Moonlighting Photography;Arts, Culture, Recreation & Entertainment;Photography, Art Gallery;43.7364194;-80.9493171;5991
;Moore Hemsworth Insurance Group;Finance & Insurance;;43.5641856;-80.9176288;5992
;Moores Produce;Agriculture;;43.730556;-80.9513563;5994
;Mornington Communications Co-Operative;Communications;Communications;43.5657377;-80.9213766;5995
;Moss Berry Farm;Agriculture;Agriculture;43.2996811;-80.9003434;5997
;Motley Sport & Cycle;Retail;;43.4675704;-81.1971627;5998
;Movies Plus More;Retail;;43.7383909;-80.9477079;5999
;MR Electric;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.5619324;-81.3862422;6000
;Mr Kim's Sushi & Rolls;Food & Beverage;;43.3714297;-80.9805536;6001
;Mr. Optician;Personal Care Services;;43.3708881;-80.9516014;6002
;Mrs. P's B & B;Accommodation;;43.2477322;-81.1509127;6003
;MTE Ontario Land Surveyors;Professional Services;;43.3530928;-80.975326;6004
;Municipal Operations Centre;Public Administration;;43.2477958;-81.1347306;6005
;Mutts Cuts;Personal Care Services;;43.3691043;-80.9837979;6034
;MVA Stratford;Manufacturing;Agriculture Suppliers;43.3709322;-80.9563329;6035
;MVH Construction;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.6145503;-80.8706163;6036
;My Custom Framer;Other Services;;43.3706341;-80.9810787;6038
;NA Geomatics;Professional Services;Engineering Surveys;43.3695924;-80.9840218;6039
;Nail Effects;Personal Care Services;;43.2592278;-81.1427468;6040
;Nancy Vermond;Arts, Culture, Recreation & Entertainment;Storytelling, Sumi-e Japanese Painting;43.2545943;-81.1395363;6042
;NAPA AUTOPRO-Koertland;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Serving Huron, Perth and surrounding counties in SW Ontario since 2012, Koertland AutoPro is your place for all your automotive repair needs. Services include: brakes, lube and oil change, tires and alignment, heating and cooling, annual safety certificates, trailer safety…;43.5664979;-80.9215955;5801
;Nature's Echo Gift Shop;Retail;;43.5355971;-80.8826147;6043
;Neeb Construction;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.561761;-81.3864334;6045
;Needles Home Appliance;Retail;Needles Appliance & Mattress Centre has been serving Stratford and area for over 60 years. Our no pressure sales staff will gladly assist you in finding the right product for your needs, and for your budget. Our delivery team will…;43.3688076;-80.9850647;6046
;Nes-Crete Canada;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Concrete Contractors;43.3707435;-80.9430148;6049
;Nes-tech Sales and Service;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3674844;-81.0214729;6050
;Neubrand Country Produce;Agriculture;Fresh Produce;43.5814453;-81.1587769;6051
;Neumeister Motors;Other Services;;43.3552292;-80.9736576;6052
;New Beginnings;Other Services;Interior Decorating;43.5098689;-81.3112732;6053
;New Form Tools;Manufacturing;Manufacturing;43.3536233;-80.9884207;6055
;New Horizons Rehabilitation Services;Healthcare;;43.7228612;-80.9596159;6056
;New Orleans Pizza;Food & Beverage;;43.2570115;-81.1416708;6057
;New Star Rentals and Equipment;Retail;Agricultural equipment rental;43.5910015;-80.8808507;6058
;New-Lift Hyudraulics;Manufacturing;Machine Shop: Parts Fabrication;43.7512166;-80.9375093;6060
;Newmans Automotive;Other Services;Newmans Automotive is a professional and experienced automotive repair and service facility right outside of St.Marys, Ontario. Honest, affordable and stick to their quote. 519-349-2121.;43.2210378;-81.12409679999999;13351
;Newton Iron;Manufacturing;;43.5875415;-80.8792593;6061
;Nicholson Concrete;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Concrete Contractors;43.3421102;-81.0132099;6063
;Norampac - Cascades Canada;Manufacturing;;43.2513683;-81.1352346;6066
;Noretta Motel;Accommodation;;43.3709855;-80.9583916;6067
;Norlite Stucco;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Construction -Stucco Specialist;43.5673259;-80.9209588;6068
;North Perth Public Library;Non Profit;Books, Reference Materials;43.732411;-80.9551322;6069
;North Perth Towing;Other Services;;43.7971004;-80.8390772;6070
;Northern Reflections;Retail;;43.3697748;-80.9455284;6071
;NR Renovations;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Trades;43.4621341;-81.1970257;6073
;Nuhn Forage;Manufacturing;;43.4060915;-81.0110629;6074
;Nuhn Industries;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.4111644;-81.070115;6075
;O'Grady's Clothing & Accessories;Retail;;43.2594801;-81.1416344;6076
;O'Hara Machine & Tool;Manufacturing;;43.3601043;-80.9944082;6077
;O'Loane Medical Clinic;Healthcare;The STAR Family Health Team is a collaborative primary health care team providing a full range of primary health care services and programs to the residents of Stratford, Tavistock, And Region. Our staff includes Nurse Practitioners, Nurses, Mental Health Counsellors,…;43.3820519;-81.0036661;6079
;Olive Your Favourites;Retail;;43.3718883;-80.9837363;6078
;Omega Paw;Manufacturing;;43.2525806;-81.1368831;6080
;On Stage Dance Studio;Arts, Culture, Recreation & Entertainment;We’ve been sharing the joy of dance with the Stratford community for more than 10 years, and are passionate about dance education for children. Whether you are training for a career in dance, or just for fun and to make…;43.3715258;-80.9790215;6081
;Oneway Manufacturing;Manufacturing;Welcome to the ONEWAY Website. Founded in 1991, our family-owned company has consistently manufactured the finest woodturning lathes and equipment available anywhere. ONEWAY is now into its third decade of state-of-the-art engineering and manufacturing of woodturning lathes and related equipment.…;43.351489;-80.9752876;6082
;Ontario Clean Water Agency;Provincial Services;As a trusted partner to municipalities, First Nations communities, businesses, governments and institutions across Ontario, we provide our clients with total solutions in water and wastewater. We are dedicated to working closely with our clients to help them build healthy…;43.2498959;-81.1515641;6083
;Ontario Cycle;Retail;Bicycle Sales & Service;43.7307317;-80.9508621;6084
;Ontario Steel Solutions;Manufacturing;Custom Welding Services;43.4581317;-81.1945148;6086
;Optical Design of Stratford;Retail;;43.3693382;-80.9831604;6087
;Orange Barn;Retail;;43.5716846;-80.8372639;6088
;Orchard Valley Spa;Personal Care Services;Set in a beautiful, charming 19th Century Victorian home. Located in the village of Shakespeare, just minutes from Stratford and Kitchener. The Spa has wonderful elegant character with an abundance of room and privacy during your stay here. Great care…;43.3704911;-80.83731200000001;6089
;Organic Oasis;Agriculture;;43.3889246;-80.9376444;6090
;Orr Insurance;Insurance Services;;43.3723303;-80.9803632;6091
;Owen's Autobody;Other Services;Has your car been damaged in an accident? Are you looking to customize your new ride or restore an old favourite? We can help! At Owen’s Auto Body we have been completing auto repairs in Stratford for more than 40…;43.3530089;-80.9853822;6092
;Oxford Carriage Door;Manufacturing;In 1998 Oxford Carriage Door Ltd. began manufacturing Cedar Carriage Style Garage Doors with quality and craftsmanship as the cornerstones. These qualities are what make Oxford Carriage Doors the best value in the industry. Oxford Carriage Door Ltd. is proud…;43.3515031;-80.9851281;6093
;Panda Battery;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Auto Electrical Service;43.3517838;-80.9867479;6094
;Pandora's Pantry;Retail;;43.7323631;-80.9519712;6095
;Para-Med Health Services;Healthcare;;43.3548943;-80.9937819;6096
;Parkdale Automotive;Retail;Automotive, U-Haul;43.3528192;-80.9826699;6097
;Parks Livestock;Agriculture;Agriculture;43.5696722;-80.918223;6098
;Parkview Creamery;Food & Beverage;;43.260948;-81.1424566;6099
;Parlee Law Offices;Professional Services;Proficient in many areas of law Parlee Law Offices can help Southwestern Ontario residents and businesses with a wide range of issues, including family law, mediation, wills, estates, civil litigation, real estate, corporate law, commercial law, employment law and Small…;43.3734696;-80.9842463;6100
;Partners in Employment;Employment Services;;43.2589319;-81.1421532;6101
;Partners Paint & Paper;Retail;;43.2576663;-81.1583454;6102
;Pass It On Store;Retail;Situated in the heart of St. Marys heritage district, Pass it on Store is a boutique, Eco-friendly thrift store full of PreLOVED donated items. Shop while you experience our groovy music and the FREE on street parking.;43.2584789;-81.1432835;6103
;Patrick J Cronin Insurance & Financial Services;Finance & Insurance;;43.4680172;-81.1973726;6106
;Paul Cooper Cabinetry;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Cabinetry Craftsman;43.3516321;-80.9829475;6107
;Pauly Veterinary Clinic;Professional Services;Veterinary Services;43.5690185;-80.9197063;6108
;Pazzo Taverna and Pizzeria;Food & Beverage;;43.3716062;-80.9820974;6109
;PBS Business Systems;Other Services;Printing Services;43.3695641;-80.97862;6110
;Peak Premier Realty and Auctions Inc. Brokerage;Professional Services;;43.7324563;-80.9526729;6111
;Pearl Sushi;Food & Beverage;Food, Beverages;43.3686121;-80.9810482;6112
;Pearn Plumbing & Heating;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.4366849;-81.1754656;6113
;Pensario communication;Communications;;43.3650918;-80.9863137;6115
;Pepsico Foods Canada;Food Processing;;43.3512788;-80.9900078;6116
;Percon Excavating;Other Services;;43.4899621;-80.8796117;6117
;Perennials of St. Marys;Retail;;43.2576778;-81.1582345;6118
;Perth Ag Partners;Agricultural Services & Suppliers;Agricultural Consultants;43.6503354;-80.8900527;6119
;Perth and Huron Concrete;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Concrete Construction;43.3706708;-80.9792504;6120
;Perth Auto Dismantlers;Other Services;;43.3555225;-80.9608569;6121
;Perth Communications;Communications;Since 1996, MRC Wireless has been providing cutting edge communications solutions to our clients. We pride ourselves on being able to provide our customers with one of the most advanced digital wide-area trunked radio systems, and our ability to design…;43.378453;-80.9972941;6122
;Perth Community Futures Development Corporation;Finance & Insurance;Funded by the Federal government, Perth CFDC helps small and medium sized businesses in Perth County, Stratford and St. Marys. Whether you have a business idea or you’re an established business looking for assistance, Perth CFDC is here to help…;43.3691712;-80.9839337;8801
;Perth County Fabrication & Machining;Manufacturing;Manufacturing;43.5331818;-81.1431075;6123
;Perth Dust Control;Other Services;;43.5924109;-80.9185486;6124
;Perth Office Equipment;Professional Services;;43.3670759;-80.9577242;6126
;Perth Physiotherapy Clinic stratford;Healthcare;;43.3653155;-80.9883205;6127
;Perth Pork Products;Agriculture;Agriculture;43.4213095;-81.0204251;6128
;Perth Precision Machining & Manufacturing;Manufacturing;Manufacturing;43.351489;-80.9752876;6129
;Perth Promo & Graphics;Other Services;;43.3869511;-80.9678595;6130
;Perth Tire & Auto;Other Services;;43.351959;-80.982728;6131
;Petals If You Please;Retail;Flowers;43.5662342;-80.922118;6133
;Pete's Plumbing & Contracting;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Plumbing & Contracting;43.4399282;-81.1828245;6135
;Petro Canada;Retail;;43.4029331;-81.0519033;6136
;Phelans Place;Retail;Furniture & Appliance Sales;43.4047538;-81.056248;6137
;Physiotherapy Alliance;Healthcare;Physiotherapy Alliance is a group of Physiotherapist owned and operated clinics with locations in New Hamburg, Stratford, Wellesley, Milverton, Mitchell, Grand Bend and Goderich. The clinic’s associates and professional staff are dedicated to providing excellent orthopaedic care; sport, performing arts,…;43.3764094;-80.9931499;6138
;Physiotherapy Alliance;Healthcare;Physiotherapy Alliance is a group of Physiotherapist owned and operated clinics with locations in New Hamburg, Stratford, Wellesley, Milverton, Mitchell, Grand Bend and Goderich. The clinic’s associates and professional staff are dedicated to providing excellent orthopaedic care; sport, performing arts,…;43.4772934;-81.1934527;10669
;Pine Tree Swine;Agriculture;;43.5956645;-81.031734;6140
;Pinnacle Quality Homes;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3873746;-81.2591602;6141
;Pinnacle Transportation stratford;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3666102;-80.9548495;6142
;Pino's Pizza;Food & Beverage;;43.3803976;-81.0022481;6143
;Pita Pit;Food & Beverage;;43.3710195;-80.9587144;6144
;Pizza Bistro;Food & Beverage;;43.3694731;-80.9832316;6145
;Pizza Delight;Food & Beverage;;43.7412834;-80.9454537;6146
;Pizza Hut;Food & Beverage;;43.3710195;-80.9587144;6147
;Pizza Pizza;Food & Beverage;;43.3695276;-80.9817287;6148
;Plan B Accounting & Tax;Finance & Insurance;Tax Preparation & Accounting;44.8988097;-76.2485592;6149
;Playerdise Farms;Agriculture;;43.5617045;-81.3864821;6151
;Pol Quality Homes;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Trades;43.3674844;-81.0214729;6153
;Polishing Pete;Other Services;Auto Detailing;43.4413458;-81.2203308;6154
;Pollywogs Mum and Tot Shoppe;Retail;;43.7316244;-80.9531719;6155
;Poppe Electric;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Electrical Contractor;43.5025859;-81.2877496;6156
;Powerhouse Controls;Information Technology;;43.354875;-80.993742;6159
;Powerline Films;Communications;We are a boutique video production company tackling marketing, documentary, and animation.  We have a robust roster of clients from across the province and love the work we do.;43.3655865;-80.9874427;6817
;Pratt & Pratt;Professional Services;Legal Services;43.7334507;-80.9547073;6160
;Praxair;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Supply & Service;43.3526267;-80.9764521;6161
;Precise Castings;Manufacturing;An industry leading commercial precision investment casting (lost wax) foundry producing steel, stainless steel and nickel alloy castings. Let the team at Precise Castings Inc. prove their value in the successful launch of your next critical project.;43.3594405;-81.0039119;6162
;Precision Controls;Manufacturing;;43.354875;-80.993742;6163
;Premium Optical Equipment And Supply;Optical Wholesaler;;43.34826;-81.0024259;6164
;Prestige Energy Services;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3517838;-80.9867479;6165
;Pretty Wings Web Projects;Information Technology;Web Design;43.4719503;-81.1870196;6166
;Pro Oil Change;Retail;;43.3709797;-80.958068;6167
;Pro-North Auto & Truck;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3528302;-80.9898956;6171
;Progress Aluminum & Insulation;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;•Approved Windows •Certified Contractors •Trained Installers •Random Job Inspections;43.3531722;-80.9852012;6168
;Progressive Wood Products;Manufacturing;At Progressive Wood Inc. we pride ourselves on crafting the finest quality cabinets. Although keeping up with trends is highly important to the company, functionality is our top priority. Our team of commercial cabinetry experts have vast experience and come…;43.3685049;-80.9634291;6169
;Promotional Wood Products;Retail;Isn't it time to ensure the maximum exposure of your Brand, on the wall, on the sidewalk, or on the tables of the pubs and restaurants that serve your beer? Promotional Wood Products can help you do just that. Promotional…;43.4015018;-81.0463088;6170
;ProSafe;Other Services;ProSafe Inc. is an engineering firm authorized by the Professional Engineers of Ontario. We provide industrial safety system review and compliance evaluations on machinery and processes to satisfy the requirements of the Ontario Ministry of Labour Occupational Health and Safety…;43.3546953;-80.973331;6172
;Prospect Hill Campground;Recreation;Campground;43.2720961;-81.139482;6173
;Provision Sports;Retail;Sports Clothing;43.3994693;-81.0442546;6174
;Prudential Premier Living Realty;Professional Services;;43.3713949;-80.9802781;6175
;Pullman Machining;Manufacturing;;43.3650984;-80.9684071;6176
;Pulsifer Piano Tuning;Other Services;Piano Maintenance;43.5048202;-81.1416691;6177
;Purdy Cabinetmaking;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Fine Cabinetmaking;43.368448;-80.9666395;6178
;Pyramid Recreation Centre;Recreation;;43.2516052;-81.1336283;6179
;Quadro Communications Co-operative Inc.;Communications;Since 2004, Quadro communication has been serving communities in Perth County (Perth East, Perth West and Perth South) with  Internet/ Mobilility/ Home Phone/ Digital TV and Computer  & IT Solutions. Visit one of Quadro’s retail locations in Kirkton, St. Marys…;43.4918095;-81.17792779999999;16936
;Queen's Inn;Accommodation;For over 150 years, Queen's has been a landmark for warm hospitality and excellent dining. We offer 32 guest rooms with all the amenities and services of a first-class hotel. Located within the heart of Stratford, the Inn is within…;43.3713779;-80.9796278;6182
;Quesada Mexican Grill;Food & Beverage;;43.3689346;-80.9849115;6183
;Quilt Place;Retail;Quilts;43.3681118;-80.8369811;6184
;R & R Autobody & Collision;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3082783;-81.3266503;6188
;R & R Enterprises;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Professional Floor & Furniture Refinishing;43.34826;-81.0024259;6189
;R.J. White Law Office;Professional Services;Legal;43.258233;-81.1432724;6190
;Radar Auto Parts Centre;Retail;Auto Part Sales;43.2580528;-81.1573641;6191
;Radical Rides;Retail;;43.3710124;-80.9595148;6192
;Radio Cab;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3670475;-80.9797863;6193
;Rae Graphics;Other Services;;43.370527;-80.9816759;6194
;RainTree Design;Professional Services;Interior Design;43.3690432;-80.9767494;6195
;Raja Fine Indian Cuisine;Food & Beverage;;43.3690371;-80.9821121;6196
;Randy Rolph Carpentry;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.47141;-81.1927339;6197
;Rannoch Grains;Agriculture;Agriculture, Grains;43.2661325;-81.1925742;6198
;Rapunzel's Hair Design & Day Spa;Personal Care Services;;43.3712951;-80.9748468;6199
;RayMar Manufacturing;Manufacturing;;43.2803159;-81.1192839;6200
;RBC Wealth Management;Finance & Insurance;;43.371388;-80.978539;6201
;RDJ Bailey Metals Works;Manufacturing;Metal Fabricating;43.247289;-81.1356597;6203
;Re/Max A-B Realty St. Marys;Real Estate & Rental;RE/Max a-b Realty is Independently Owned & Operated. Our professional committed sales representatives are top in their profession providing quality service to this area for over 40 years. Visit us today at one of our offices in STRATFORD, WOODSTOCK, ST.…;43.25853650000001;-81.1490005;6204
;Re/Max A-B Realty Stratford;Professional Services;Providing professional quality real estate services to Stratford and area for over 40 years! Our team of quality, committed sales representatives are top in their profession. Visit us today at one of our local offices in: Stratford, St. Marys, Woodstock,…;43.33173821769879;-81.01725913593748;6206
;RE/MAX Midwestern Realty;Professional Services;;43.7434242;-80.943744;6205
;Red Rabbit;Food & Beverage;;43.3695633;-80.9831857;6207
;Remote Access Technology;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3529928;-80.9762771;6209
;Rene's Bistro;Food & Beverage;;43.3703068;-80.982359;6211
;Revel Cafe;Food & Beverage;;43.3696089;-80.9825253;6214
;Revival House;Food & Beverage;;43.3697744;-80.9793995;6215
;Rheo Thompson Candies;Retail;Our famous Mint Smoothies come in creamy milk or semi-sweet dark chocolate, both accented with a delicate mint flavour. Your brush with fame and celebrity starts here. These are the flagship chocolates of the Rheo Thompson brand and have been…;43.3704381;-80.980603;6216
;Rhonda Ehgoetz;Agriculture;Agriculture;43.4522305;-81.0168255;6217
;Rhumba;Retail;Fashion Retailer;43.3714648;-80.9817683;6218
;Richard L Pickett;Professional Services;Legal Services;43.4669029;-81.1957143;6219
;Richard Linley;Professional Services;Richard J. Linley has been serving Stratford and area for more than 30 years. Called to the bar in 1975, his knowledge and experience in the legal profession will serve your legal needs. FAMILY LAW - Matrimonial - Custody/Protection -…;43.3734696;-80.9842463;6220
;RIS Business Systems;Technology Services;Welcome to RIS Technology Solutions. For over 20 years we have proudly served Grey, Bruce, Huron, Perth, Wellington, Dufferin & Simcoe counties. We have grown from being a very successful Xerox Authorized Sales Agency in to a fully Managed Technology…;43.3714124;-80.9808827;6222
;Rite Bite Orthodontics;Healthcare;;43.7324588;-80.952202;6223
;Ritz Architect;Professional Services;Commercial & Residential Architecture;43.3712945;-80.9732171;6224
;River Garden House;Accommodation;Your visit to Stratford Ontario made exquisite. Relax and enjoy something elegant, something cozy on the Avon just a few minutes walk from the heart of Stratford. We're here to make your visit something wonderful just let us know how.;43.3740461;-80.9828906;6225
;River Roots;Retail;Retail;43.473422;-81.1948231;6227
;River Valley Golf & Tube;Recreation;;43.2174279;-81.2156769;6228
;Riverside Bed & Breakfast;Accommodation;;43.2616107;-81.1479952;6229
;RJ Burnside & Associates;Professional Services;Engineering, Science Solutions;43.3534676;-80.9844091;6230
;Roadhouse 23 Restaurant;Food & Beverage;;43.7339371;-80.9671879;6232
;Rob Carere Flooring;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.7494184;-80.940553;6233
;Rob Lealess Painting;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.4695381;-81.2068329;6234
;Robert S Johns Professional Corporation;Professional Services;;43.7308457;-80.9513895;6235
;Rockliffe Massage Therapy;Personal Care Services;;43.3639197;-80.9878289;6238
;Rojedale Farms;Agriculture;;43.4181994;-81.0134563;6240
;Ron Groenestege Construction;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.4855898;-80.9926108;6241
;Ron Lockie Electric;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.7357135;-80.9565104;6242
;Rona Ashway Building Centre;Retail;;43.5610658;-81.387018;6243
;Rosebank Seed Farm;Agriculture;At Rosebank Seed Farms Ltd we are a family owned business that grows and processes many different kinds of pedigree seed. Some of the different kinds of seeds we process are Oats, Barley, Wheat, Soybeans, Edible Beans and Popcorn. We…;43.4590418;-81.3747061;6244
;Rosecourt Motel;Accommodation;;43.3572952;-80.9945754;6245
;Rosemarie's Family Restaurant;Food & Beverage;;43.3696679;-80.8432415;6246
;Ross Patton Mechanical;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.4606473;-81.1993045;6248
;Ross' Bike Works;Retail;Ross has been in the bicycle business since 1975. He opened his first bike shop (Wheel Goods of Stratford) in 1979. On February 1st, 2011, he opened Ross' Bike Works. Ross' Bike Works carries a full line of bikes -…;43.3699318;-80.9826715;6247
;Roth Drainage;Other Services;;43.4434012;-80.8358028;6252
;Rothmel Auto Repair;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Since 1984, Rothmel Auto Repair & Collision have been providing reliable auto repair and Collision repair in the Stratford & surounding area. We are focused on our customers, and make sure that everyone is comfortable and confident with the services…;43.3662013;-80.9620327;6253
;Roussakis Photography;Professional Services;Roussakis Photography specializes in editorial, commercial and advertising photography. They are located in the heart of downtown Ottawa and accept photography assignments within Canada and abroad. Roussakis Photography sees the importance of timeliness, organization and professionalism. They approach every shoot…;43.3100001;-81.0975397;13159
;Roy's Shop;Manufacturing;;43.3610489;-80.9944267;6262
;Royal Bank of Canada;Finance & Insurance;;43.7322637;-80.9526201;6254
;Royal Canadian Legion;Service Organization;;43.2615397;-81.1411366;6255
;Royal Lepage Don Hamilton Real Estate;Professional Services;;43.7319418;-80.9528399;6257
;Royal Lepage Hart Realty;Professional Services;;43.3834676;-80.9631046;6258
;Royal Lepage Hiller Realty;Professional Services;;43.3698848;-80.9843451;6259
;Royal LePage RCR Realty;Real Estate & Rental;;43.2576732;-81.1433129;6260
;Royal Terrace;Healthcare;Retirement, Health Services;43.8388181;-80.8439204;6261
;Roys Corner Car & Pet Wash;Other Services;;43.468829;-81.200437;10668
;RT Accounting Services;Professional Services;;43.5630197;-80.9134622;6264
;Ruffins Pet Centre;Retail;Ruffin’s began in the small town of Dunnville Ontario as a retirement project for my parents Jack & Lillian Reynolds. My father would soon be retiring and knew he couldn’t sit still so we came up the idea to open…;43.3697748;-80.9455284;6265
;Rural Graphics;Professional Services;;43.3721805;-80.8370363;6268
;Rustic Roots;Retail;;43.5871971;-81.0820635;6269
;RW Foster - Tax & Computer Service;Professional Services;;43.3637938;-81.0089294;6271
;Ryan & Don's Flooring Centre;Retail;;43.7327779;-80.9529593;6272
;Salon 5010;Personal Care Services;Full Service Hair & Spa;43.3697748;-80.9455284;6273
;Salvation Army Thrift Store;Retail;;43.2583456;-81.1432568;6274
;Sam's Home Hardware;Retail;;43.2609896;-81.1423763;6275
;Samsonite Canada;Manufacturing;Travel and Technology Luggage;43.3709322;-80.9563329;6276
;Sandian Designs Inc.;Manufacturing;Industrial powder coating company.;43.71495814932308;-80.95681712920532;15991
;Sandy's TV & Appliances;Retail;;43.2544123;-81.1358718;6277
;Savile Construction;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Splash into a Savile Pool and take a vacation in your own backyard. For over 50 years, our pools have continually been beautiful to behold and ideal for all kinds of pool activities. We build an extensive variety of shapes…;43.3607992;-80.9918455;6278
;SB Simpson Group;Industrial Supplier;;43.3628006;-80.9632215;6279
;Scenic Fence & Deck;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3581867;-80.9978155;6280
;Schaefer's Financial Consultants;Professional Services;;43.7274324;-80.9546015;6281
;Schinbein's Wood Carvings & Guitar Shop;Retail;Wood Carving & Guitars;43.4669362;-81.1960798;6283
;Schneider Auto Wrecking;Other Services;Retail & Wholesale Auto Parts;43.4890793;-81.0005504;6284
;Schneider's Computing Listowel;Information Technology;Schneider's Computing is your one-stop shop for your business or your home! Schneider's provides computer sales and service for leading brand name systems including Apple, Asus, Lenovo, Dell, Fujitsu, Acer, MSI, Toshiba, HP, and many more! Schneider's offers a complete…;43.7420501;-80.9461618;10847
;Schneider's Computing Stratford;Information Technology;Schneider's Computing is your one-stop shop for your business or your home! Schneider's provides computer sales and service for leading brand name systems including Apple, Asus, Lenovo, Dell, Fujitsu, Acer, MSI, Toshiba, HP, and many more! Schneider's offers a complete…;43.3683819;-80.98481939999999;10846
;Schneuker's Furniture;Retail;Furniture & Appliances;43.5663434;-80.9219393;6286
;Schneuker's Hardware;Retail;Hardware;43.5663434;-80.9219393;6287
;Schooley Mitchell Telecom Systems;Communications;;43.3695641;-80.97862;6288
;Schoonderwoerd Bros. Concrete;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3992124;-81.0436212;6289
;Science Hill Aggregates;Retail;At Science Hill Aggregate Inc, we’ve been providing retail and wholesale aggregate services for residential, commercial and agricultural clients for over 10 years. Based out of St. Marys, Ontario, we provide service and delivery from Stratford to Kitchener. Whether you…;43.296808;-81.1878243;6291
;Scoopers Ice Cream Treats;Food & Beverage;;43.3709776;-80.9832103;6293
;Scotiabank;Finance & Insurance;;43.2594137;-81.142155;6294
;Scott's Greenhouses;Agriculture;Retail;43.4765391;-81.2170948;6295
;Scott's Moving & Cartage;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.367659;-80.9577536;6296
;Scruffy Puppy Salon;Personal Care Services;Dog Grooming;43.2592515;-81.1433722;6297
;Sebringville Feed Mill;Agriculture;;43.4055312;-81.0576381;6299
;Sebringville Garden Centre;Agriculture;;43.5527135;-81.4023519;6300
;Secondary Resources (Perth);Retail;;43.445807;-81.0022712;6301
;Selectra;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3893723;-80.9676646;6302
;Sensations Salon;Personal Care Services;;43.2593373;-81.1428434;6303
;Serendip Bed & Breakfast;Accommodation;;43.2561393;-81.1518353;6304
;Serenity Bed & Breakfast;Accommodation;;43.3707167;-80.9430156;6305
;Shackleton's Real Estate & Auction;Real Estate & Rental;;43.3428414;-80.9996317;6307
;Shakespeare Farm Market;Agriculture;Pick-your-own-farm;43.369202;-80.7991583;6309
;Shakespeare Inn;Accommodation;Healthcare;43.3695795;-80.8328626;6310
;Shakespeare Pies;Food Processing;;43.3696881;-80.8452208;6311
;Shakespeare Truck Centre;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.369746;-80.852494;6312
;Shakespeare Video & Variety;Retail;;43.3695831;-80.8349555;6313
;Shakespearean Bed & Breakfast;Accommodation;Accommodations;43.3721461;-80.832906;6314
;Shalimar Beauty Salon;Personal Care Services;;43.2583824;-81.141942;6315
;Shanghai Restaurant;Shanghai Restaurant is a Chinese restaurant that offers a variety of different food. We have special offers for lunch, and dinner. We offer single dishes, combination dishes, and family orders. We have certain dishes that are Shanghai Specialties. You can purchase gift…;43.4677079;-81.1978122;10633
;Sharon Bardwell;Professional Services;Our law office was established in Stratford in 1982 by William Aitchison. Sharon Bardwell joined the firm in 1994 and took over the practice when Mr. Aitchison retired in 2003. Sharon Bardwell offers a highly effective legal service based on…;43.3706341;-80.9810787;6317
;Sharper Business Centre;Other Services;;43.3684781;-80.9846691;6318
;Shear Elegance;Personal Care Services;Family Hair Salon;43.3698379;-80.9827498;6319
;Shears To You;Personal Care Services;Hair Salon;43.7887591;-80.8184678;6320
;Shepherd Gourmet Dairy;Food Processing;Shepherd Gourmet Dairy is a growing family owned and operated dairy processing facility located in St. Marys, Ontario. At Shepherd Gourmet Dairy we make Sheep, Goat and Cow Milk Feta Cheese, Ricotta, Yogurts, Greek Yogurt and Icelandic Style Yogurt; Skyr.…;43.2393821;-81.1395398;6322
;Sherri's;Food & Beverage;;43.4678271;-81.1973214;6323
;Shiela's Salon;Personal Care Services;;43.5672709;-80.9231917;6324
;Shirtime Parties;Retail;Weddings/ Special Events Rentals;43.7295858;-80.9508729;6325
;Shoppers Drug Mart;Retail;;43.3799732;-81.0012967;6326
;Shopportunities;Communications;Weekly Advertising Paper;43.5670494;-80.9191724;6328
;Shouldice Home Solutions;Professional Services;Professional Organizing Services, declutterIng, moving (unpacking and packing) estate transitions and clearing, storage solutions, paper management etc;43.5664665;-80.92225888450503;16271
;Shur-Gain;Agricultural Services & Suppliers;Mission, Vision & Values Responsibilities Your Animal Nutrition Specialist Trouw Nutrition Canada Inc. (formerly Nutreco Canada) was formed in 2017 following the integration of Shur-Gain, Landmark Feeds, Hi-Pro Feeds, and Nutreco’s combined animal nutrition businesses in Canada. Through our combined…;43.2379031;-81.1324192;6329
;Sidney Gibson Limited;Communications;Publishing;43.3737544;-80.9530719;6330
;Siemon's Woodworking;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Trades;43.5644166;-80.9232909;6331
;Sign Ontario;Manufacturing;;43.3706714;-80.9377094;6332
;Signs On Time;Manufacturing;;43.3529982;-80.9849303;6333
;Simply Divine Design;Retail;;43.3707032;-80.9834455;6334
;Sinclair Guardian Pharmacy;Healthcare;Retail Pharmacy;43.3704451;-80.9826669;9021
;Sinvention Boutique;Retail;;43.3672417;-80.9639443;6338
;Sirkel Foods;Food & Beverage;Here at Sirkel Foods you can Dine in, or Take-out. We are a small cafe located right across from City Hall in Stratford, Ontario. Our chef & owner, Kelly Ballantyne, prepares everything on site. Homemade bread, salads, sandwiches and much…;43.3699052;-80.9826937;6339
;SJ Construction;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.5619121;-81.3862598;6340
;SJ Mitchell Professional Corporation;Professional Services;Trust the accuracy and integrity of your tax returns and financial statements, and receive informed advice to help you make the most important financial decisions of your life. Our dynamic team of creative professionals offers a full range of financial…;43.3715016;-80.9793192;6341
;Skin Care Boutique;Retail;;43.3699448;-80.9840473;6342
;Skyline Studios;Other Services;Never Skip A Beat SkySmith is a Canadian musician, producer, and DJ that teaches music independently at Skyline Music in Mitchell ON. SkySmith is a graduate of the "Independent Music Production" program at Seneca, York campus located in Toronto. For…;43.5687501;-80.9199848;6343
;Slave To The Grind;Food & Beverage;;43.371602;-80.9830638;6344
;Sliver's General Repair;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.4604668;-81.1989752;6346
;Small Mart;Retail;General Mercantile;43.3714149;-80.9809691;6347
;Smith A O Enterprises;Manufacturing;;43.351753;-80.9995208;6348
;Smith Electric;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.4031306;-81.0522614;6349
;Smith Lincoln & Sons Lumber;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Lumber Supplier;43.6657601;-81.1001239;6350
;Smith Steel & Fabrication;Manufacturing;;43.6740125;-81.0143104;6351
;Smithcreek Contracting;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.6633984;-80.853685;6352
;Smoothcrete;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Professional Concrete Finishing;43.4637766;-81.1918697;6354
;snapd Perth Media Group;Communications;snapd Perth is your definitive monthly source for a captivating view of the many community events, celebrations, business gatherings and general daily life in our community. And you'll enjoy seeing it all in 24 pages of rich full colour, printed on…;43.415554;-80.934448;7570
;Snapping Turtle Coffee Roasters;Food & Beverage;Snapping Turtle Coffee Roasters is an artisanal small-batch coffee bean roasting company dedicated to providing high quality roasted coffee beans, in an ethically responsible manner, that will produce unique and excellent tasting coffee.;43.2594905;-81.14157589999999;13333
;Snuggle Inn;Accommodation;;43.2577059;-81.1449851;6355
;Snyders Graphics;Professional Services;Graphic Design Services;43.5154257;-81.1572304;6356
;Sofina Foods;Food Processing;;43.5036818;-81.2862807;6358
;Solis Foods Inc.;Food Processing;Food Processing;43.2411254;-81.1325403;6361
;Son Risen Farm perth east;Agriculture;Son Risen Farm was established in 1995. The farm name comes from our belief that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who was born a man, who died on a cross to take away our sins and on the…;43.3555225;-80.9608569;6362
;Source By Circuit City;Retail;;43.2582018;-81.1430848;6363
;South Easthope Mutual Insurance;Insurance Services;;43.4663192;-81.1939323;6364
;Speedy Glass;Other Services;Auto Glass;43.7356629;-80.9658113;6367
;Spinrite LP;Manufacturing;Spinrite LP mill rates among the best equipped and most versatile yarn manufacturers in North America.  Ongoing commitment to innovation has enabled us to utilize the latest and best technology in manufacturing. Our computerized Distribution Centre along with Electronic Data…;43.7303342;-80.956398;9739
;Sport Chek;Retail;;43.3697748;-80.9455284;6369
;Spruce Lodge;Healthcare;;43.368634;-81.0002354;6370
;St. George Street Furnished Suites;Accommodation;;43.4708199;-81.1955936;6371
;St. Mary's Central Cab;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.2534864;-81.1303862;6375
;St. Marys Bowling Lanes;Recreation;;43.2591307;-81.1406318;6372
;St. Marys Cement Plant;Manufacturing;Cement Manufacturing;43.2506278;-81.1477017;6373
;St. Marys Cemetery;Professional Services;;43.2587127;-81.1225072;6374
;St. Marys Community Players;Arts, Culture, Recreation & Entertainment;Drama, Music since late 1940s;43.2596027;-81.1406778;6376
;St. Marys Community Rehabilitation;Healthcare;;43.2597455;-81.1521111;6377
;St. Marys Curling Club;Recreation;;43.2509188;-81.1473686;6378
;St. Marys Driver & Vehicle Licence Office;Other Services;;43.2585365;-81.1490005;6379
;St. Marys Family Chiropractic;Healthcare;;43.2587105;-81.1435128;6380
;St. Marys Ford Sales Ltd.;Retail;Auto Sales;43.2574765;-81.1604177;6381
;St. Marys Golf and Country Club;Recreation;;43.2572784;-81.1623059;6382
;St. Marys Home Building Centre;Retail;;43.2572784;-81.1623059;6383
;St. Marys Independent;Information Services;;43.2583277;-81.1432905;6385
;St. Marys Insurance Group Inc.;Professional Services;;43.2581415;-81.1431224;6386
;St. Marys Landscaping;Agriculture;Landscaping Services;43.2543648;-81.1355174;6389
;St. Marys Mini Storage;Real Estate & Rental;Self Storage;43.2580284;-81.155163;6390
;St. Marys Museum;Arts, Culture, Recreation & Entertainment;;43.255134;-81.1412399;6391
;St. Marys OPP Detachment;Provincial Services;;43.2584552;-81.1418646;6392
;St. Marys Public Library;Information Services;;43.2600647;-81.1408161;6393
;St. Marys Quarry;Recreation;;43.2509188;-81.1473686;6394
;St. Marys St. John Ambulance;Healthcare;;43.2589986;-81.1518984;6396
;St. Marys Veterinary Clinic;Professional Services;;43.2495138;-81.1490007;6397
;St. Marys Wines;Retail;St. Marys Wines, located at 16 Water Street South St.Marys. Owned by Randy Partridge, your friendly neighbourhood vintner. Beverages that can be brewed at St. Marys Wines include a wide varieties of wines (from reds and whites to blushes, fruit…;43.2583277;-81.1432905;6398
;St. Marys Youth Centre;Non Profit;;43.2540667;-81.1398073;6399
;Stacey's Pizza;Food & Beverage;;43.2593254;-81.1427064;6400
;Stackpole International;Manufacturing;Manufacturing;43.3606454;-80.9964417;6401
;Staging & Design with Malt Management;Professional Services;Staging & Design with Malt Management ​We are passionate about home design and home staging.​Staging: We believe wholeheartedly that staging your home before you put it on the market will sell it faster and for more money. It is about the…;43.3714628;-80.9816998;6727
;Steed Standard Transport;Manufacturing;Steed Standard Transport prides itself on employing the safest, most highly-trained drivers in the industry. We also provide our drivers with a bonus incentive program that simultaneously supports green fuel consumption and promotes progressively safer trucking practices. Our company has…;43.3592199;-80.9625878;6404
;Stella Hines;Professional Services;;43.3715622;-80.9779364;6405
;Stephen Monteith;Professional Services;;43.3706215;-80.9806892;6406
;Steve Ryan Concrete;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.4613902;-81.2096875;6409
;Steve Shewan Contracting;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.5654957;-81.3831834;6410
;Steve Smith Auto Sales;Retail;Automotive Sales;43.5887191;-81.0857387;6411
;Steve Smith Construction;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.370527;-80.9816759;6412
;Stick Handler;Retail;Hockey Stick Repair & Supplies;43.4677234;-81.1966993;6413
;Stilleto Salon;Personal Care Services;Hair Styling;43.7346568;-80.9506519;6414
;Stock Auctions;Other Services;Sales by Auction Services;43.3984251;-80.9943164;6415
;Stockie Motors;Retail;;43.3528435;-80.9659817;6416
;Stone Maiden Inn;Accommodation;Few places in Ontario are lovelier or more alive with culture and character than Stratford. We are a charming Victorian city nestled in pastoral countryside a few short hours from Toronto and the U.S. – a destination internationally renowned as…;43.3682996;-80.9867035;6419
;Stone Willow Inn;Accommodation;vision of an Inn was first planned back in the 1950’s when the 10acre property was purchased. However, for various reasons the plan was put on hold. In the late 1990’s, finding accommodations in the St. Marys area became an…;43.2616579;-81.1133802;10830
;Stoneage Farm & Industrial Equipment;Agricultural Services & Suppliers;At Stoneage Equipment we are known for our unmatched selection and value when it comes to used farm and industrial equipment and accessories. You can choose from our huge inventory of almost 1500 pieces of equipment located on our 10…;43.3959107;-81.18162;6421
;Stonecrest Holdings;Manufacturing;Manufacturing;43.3688039;-80.8210681;6422
;Stonetown Artisan Cheese;Food & Beverage;On-farm cheese plant. Making artisan cheese with unpasteurized milk from our own cows.   COVID-19 Update: 1. Our store hours Mo-Fr 9am-5pm, Sa 9am-12pm only one customer permitted in the store at once. Hand sanitizer in place to use prior…;43.27899273749149;-81.21244767353516;8279
;Stonetown Chiropractic & Wellness Centre;Healthcare;Chiropractic Acupuncture Registered Massage Therapy Holistic Nutrition BioEnergetics Intolerance Elimination (BIE) Counselling Services;43.2587421;-81.1432245;8562
;Stonetown Co-Operative Homes;Service Organization;;43.2616863;-81.121518;6424
;Stonetown Door Tech;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Garage Door Installation;43.2595088;-81.1319912;6425
;Stonetown Foodland;Retail;;43.2570115;-81.1416708;6427
;Stonetown Physiotherapy & Sport Injuries Clinic;Healthcare;We treat: •Osteoarthritis •Low back pain •Rotator Cuff injury •Knee pain •Concussion •Plantar Fasciitis •Carpal Tunnel Syndrome •Ankle sprain •Tennis Elbow •Neck pain •Whiplash •Tendinitis •Muscle strains •Vertigo •Headaches •TMJ •Peri-natal pelvic girdle pain •Diabetes •High blood pressure;43.259581;-81.1397885;6428
;Stonetown Styles & Summer Dreams Tanning;Personal Care Services;;43.2598212;-81.1438045;6429
;Stonetown Travel;Administrative Services;;43.2593521;-81.1415301;6431
;Stop 23 Auto Sales;Retail;Automotive Sales;43.7403697;-80.9457889;6432
;Stovel Siemon Ltd.;Agriculture;Agriculture/Distribution;43.4708382;-81.1062875;6433
;Strat Con Construction;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.5055701;-81.2851552;6435
;Stratford Antique Warehouse & Forest Road Storage;Retail;Retail;43.3555225;-80.9608569;6437
;Stratford Auto Recycle;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Auto Dismantlers;43.370717;-80.9430346;6438
;Stratford Automation;Manufacturing;;43.3519474;-80.9826917;6439
;Stratford Beacon Herald;Information Services;Newspaper Communication;43.3517394;-80.9994891;6440
;Stratford Business Centre;Professional Services;We're Built for Speed. Providing high quality printing with exceptionally fast turnaround times to customers throughout Southwestern and Midwestern Ontario since 1996. We can help you with graphic design, copying and printing, bindery, finishing, computer rentals, fax service and document…;43.3684781;-80.9846691;6441
;Stratford Chick Hatchery;Agriculture;;43.3566144;-80.9925988;6443
;Stratford Cinemas;Recreation;;43.3803286;-81.0029383;6444
;Stratford City Mazda;Retail;;43.3565045;-80.9954935;6445
;Stratford County Club;Recreation;In the heart of the Festival City, the Stratford Country Club offers great golf, curling and squash facilities to compliment the premier wedding facility in the city. The completely renovated banquet facility new in 2015 offers a larger space, expanded…;43.3779391;-80.95824019999999;9936
;Stratford Crane Rental;Industrial Supplier;;43.3818383;-80.9456553;6446
;Stratford Cycle Centre;Retail;;43.3662331;-80.9622364;6447
;Stratford Electric;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3587713;-80.9950714;6448
;Stratford Farm Equipment;Agricultural Services & Suppliers;;43.3707167;-80.9430156;6449
;Stratford Farmers' Market;Retail;;43.3862342;-80.9840701;6450
;Stratford Festival;Arts, Culture, Recreation & Entertainment;;43.3742773;-80.9684751;6451
;Stratford Garage & Overhead Doors;Manufacturing;;43.3580247;-81.0005193;6453
;Stratford Gazette;Information Services;Newspaper Communication;43.3709289;-80.9824459;6454
;Stratford Glass & Lock Service;Retail;Protect yourself and your loved ones with the help of Stratford Glass & Lock. Our family-owned company in Stratford, ON has been in business for more than 18 years. We have all the locks you need from reliable manufacturers so…;43.3661762;-80.9610517;6455
;Stratford Home Furniture;Retail;;43.3706714;-80.9377094;6456
;Stratford Honda;Retail;;43.3707051;-80.9401869;6457
;Stratford Hyundai;Retail;;43.3528284;-80.9672468;6458
;Stratford Industrial Building Maintenance;Other Services;Maintenance Services;43.5805796;-80.8326851;6459
;Stratford Lions Pool;Recreation;;43.373108;-80.985237;6460
;Stratford Martial Arts;Arts, Culture, Recreation & Entertainment;Stratford Martial Arts has been serving the Stratford community since 1996. We are a traditional martial arts dojo that teaches the art of Shindo-ryu Yamanaka-ha, Japanese jujutsu and Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate-do. Our combination of fighting disciplines offers practitioners exposire to…;43.3672417;-80.9639443;6461
;Stratford Memorials;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3736325;-80.9956831;6462
;Stratford Motor Products;Retail;;43.3709105;-80.9525846;6464
;Stratford Nissan;Retail;;43.370717;-80.9430346;6465
;Stratford Perth Community Foundation;Non Profit;The Stratford Perth Community Foundation (SPCF) is a charitable organization here for everyone and unique because donations, large or small, are never spent, but are combined and invested. The earned income is used to make grants to local charities year after…;43.3548299;-80.9936482;6734
;Stratford Perth Family YMCA;Recreation;;43.3669226;-80.9802868;6466
;Stratford Perth Museum;Culture;Cultural;43.3722825;-80.9849035;6467
;Stratford Premier Self Storage;Rental Services;;43.3514019;-80.9847313;6469
;Stratford Printing & Graphics;Other Services;;43.3650651;-80.9673623;6470
;Stratford Process Servers;Professional Services;;43.3803564;-80.9809243;6471
;Stratford Property Care;Agriculture;;43.3731553;-80.9621048;6472
;Stratford Public Library;Arts, Culture, Recreation & Entertainment;We are “an equitable, safe and welcoming environment where anyone can explore, learn, create and connect.”  To make this possible, our helpful staff are ready to assist you in person, by phone or email.  If you are a resident of…;43.3709903;-80.98518299999999;6473
;Stratford RV Centre;Retail;;43.4403511;-81.1352885;6474
;Stratford Serenity;Accommodation;Fully air conditioned, television/DVD, coffee/tea, computer & printer available, free wireless internet, full-serve breakfast. Cot, crib available on request. Breakfasts may include eggs, bacon, waffles, sausage, muffins, yogurt, fresh fruits, variety of breads, variety of juices, cereal, quiche, etc. Organic…;43.3707167;-80.9430156;6475
;Stratford Subaru;Retail;;43.370717;-80.9430346;6476
;Stratford Symphony Orchestra;Arts, Culture, Recreation & Entertainment;;43.3710032;-80.9834197;6477
;Stratford Thai Cuisine;Food & Beverage;;43.3692201;-80.9832673;6478
;Stratford Tourism Alliance;Non Profit;The Stratford Tourism Alliance (STA) was founded in 2007. The purpose of the STA is to act as a member driven, private sector led not-for-profit marketing organization that develops, manages and promotes "Destination Stratford" as a national and international tourism…;43.3702907;-80.98184839999999;16103
;Stratford Toyota;Retail;;43.34826;-81.0024259;6479
;Stratford Tree Care;Agriculture;;43.3940737;-80.9936606;6480
;Strawbridge Machine & Tool;Manufacturing;Manufacturing;43.3591269;-80.9929297;6481
;Strickland's Automart;Retail;;43.34826;-81.0024259;6482
;Stuart Arkett;Agriculture;Apples, Cheese Distributor;43.3371061;-81.0508789;6483
;Studio 234;Arts, Culture, Recreation & Entertainment;Gallery & Printmaking lessons;43.2597271;-81.1384875;6485
;Suburban Motel;Accommodation;Accommodations;43.3706959;-80.9139446;6486
;Subway;Food & Beverage;;43.2644425;-81.1379272;6487
;Sukie Lee's Restaurant;Food & Beverage;;43.2592485;-81.1425072;6488
;Summit College, Academic & Career Studies;Education, Law & Social Services;Summit Learning Centres Inc. is a Canadian-owned company, founded in 2001.  It currently operates as Summit College, Academic & Career Studies. Summit College provides two similar yet distinct educational and training services - students enrolled in both services benefit from…;43.37102024170624;-80.94492149206542;8473
;Sun Rayz Tanning & Boutique;Personal Care Services;;43.259332;-81.1428915;6490
;Sunrise Health Services;Healthcare;Physiotherapy;43.3800147;-80.9997086;6492
;SunSpot Media;Professional Services;SunSpot Media is Stratford's premiere source for affordable video production, web content and graphic design. We specialize in bringing your ideas to life and telling your story with a high level of quality and proffesionalism. Reach out and find us…;43.365907;-80.9878057;6810
;Superior Aquariums and Aviaries;Retail;;43.3585936;-80.9949647;6493
;Superior Sealers;Other Services;;43.3772066;-80.9952024;6494
;Surface Green Solutions;Manufacturing;;43.7841532;-81.0166555;6495
;Susan Hiscock MD;Healthcare;;43.2599597;-81.1521794;6496
;Susan's Hair Design;Personal Care Services;;43.7226799;-80.9597698;6497
;Sutton Group;Real Estate & Rental;;43.2595608;-81.1410134;6498
;Sutton Group - First Choice Realty;Professional Services;Real Estate;43.368219;-80.980682;6499
;Swanson's Jewellers;Retail;;43.3714399;-80.9818356;6500
;Sweet Harvest;Food Processing;Sweet Harvest offers all the authentic Mexican flavours. From chips to tortillas to salsas and sauces you are sure to find something your taste buds have been craving. Sweet Harvest now also offers great tasting take out food: tacos, burritos,…;43.590249;-80.8790029;6501
;Swiss Chalet;Food & Beverage;;43.3710195;-80.9587144;6503
;Switzer Sweet Corn & Pumpkins;Agriculture;Agriculture;43.2592515;-81.1433722;6504
;Symphony In Brass;Retail;;43.3718103;-80.9839994;6505
;T & R Contracting;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3588941;-80.9962721;6506
;T&J's Variety;Retail;;43.5880954;-81.0812544;6508
;Tabworks Bookkeeping;Administrative Services;;43.3708917;-80.961107;6509
;Tail Wags Inn;Personal Care Services;;43.4450311;-81.0004673;6510
;TakeBonus Canada;Recreation;On https://en-ca.takebonus.com/ you will find a lot of free bonuses and a safe environment to play online casino games. Win a lot of free bonuses and have fun using the greatest online bonus codes website. All the attractive bonuses are…;43.3536233;-80.98842069999999;13339
;Tam Contracting;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.4688352;-81.206239;6511
;Tanjo Gamebirds;Agriculture;;43.5383819;-80.7885764;6512
;Tarbush, Giller & Associates;Professional Services;;43.565819;-80.921849;6513
;Taylor Fluid Systems;Retail;With offices in London, Stratford, and Cambridge, Taylor Fluid Systems is the leading distributor of hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical and automation and plumbing equipment. Serving the southwestern Ontario area since 1976, we pride ourselves on delivering the best service and quality…;43.3516342;-80.9830638;6514
;TD Canada Trust;Finance & Insurance;;43.2597133;-81.1407874;6515
;Teahen Construction;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3516321;-80.9829475;6516
;Tenderbuff Water Buffalo;Agriculture;;43.3448033;-81.0192157;6518
;TenPas Décor Carpet one;Other Services;;43.7314388;-80.9527866;6519
;TGT Solutions;Information Technology;TGT Solutions is dedicated to providing you with the very best services. The business-to-business services that we offer are critical to developing solutions that increase your competitive position in the marketplace. Our approach brings you: Talented people Focal Point Service…;43.3542262;-80.9945299;6521
;Thames Label & Litho;Other Services;;43.2589958;-81.1458907;6522
;Thames Valley Logistics;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Trucking Enterprise;43.3838158;-81.2801732;6523
;Thames Valley Retirement;Healthcare;;43.2588405;-81.1542529;6524
;The Agency Employment Services;Professional Services;;43.7318526;-80.9529554;6525
;The Amulet;Retail;Jewellery Sales;43.3697486;-80.9794371;6526
;The Annex Room;Accommodation;;43.3705394;-80.9811795;6527
;The Antiquities Shoppe;Retail;Antiques;43.307277;-81.3244347;6528
;The Auto Doctor;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3877935;-80.9689805;6529
;The B & M Group;Manufacturing;;43.4023867;-81.0506141;6530
;The Back 9 Golf & Sports Bar;Food & Beverage;Food and Beverage;43.7316516;-80.9533199;6531
;The Beer Store;Retail;;43.2574303;-81.160857;6532
;The Best Little Pork Shoppe;Retail;;43.3681205;-80.736326;6533
;The Bookery;Retail;;43.7302374;-80.9499091;6534
;The Brick;Retail;Furniture, Appliance Sales;43.3546953;-80.973331;6535
;The British Touch;Retail;;43.4712139;-80.8406303;6536
;The Castle Garden;Retail;;43.2590788;-81.1453698;6537
;The Chocolate Factory;Retail;;43.2594307;-81.141805;6538
;The Clothing Loft;Retail;;43.7317017;-80.9534489;6539
;The Country Computer Store;Retail;Retail;43.6671092;-81.0198219;6540
;The Flower Shop & More;Retail;The Flower Shop And More proudly serves the St Marys area. We are family owned and operated. We are committed to offering only the finest floral arrangements and gifts, backed by service that is friendly and prompt. Because all of…;43.2594968;-81.141506;6541
;The Gentle Rain;Retail;;43.3690582;-80.9785306;6542
;The Goodnight Room;Retail;;43.3714313;-80.9815382;6543
;The Gravy Boat;Retail;Kitchen Supplies;43.5027854;-81.2873106;6544
;The Green Hair Spa;Personal Care Services;Environmentally Ethical Salon, Spa;43.3692593;-80.9796096;6545
;The Green Room;Retail;;43.3715017;-80.9833019;6546
;The Groomer;Other Services;;43.2528642;-81.1438862;6547
;The Hair Spa;Personal Care Services;Hair Salon;43.3609295;-80.9883359;6548
;The Hicks Café;Food & Beverage;Food and Beverage;43.4676127;-81.1968533;6549
;The Hitching Post Ltd;Agricultural Services & Suppliers;We are a supplier of animal feeds, pet food and bird seed. We also have products available for sale such as pool and spa chemicals, work wear, boots, hardware, fence supplies and services, grass seed and fertilizer, garden seeds and…;43.25735361362973;-81.16018548227845;13334
;The Independant;Information Services;;43.2599278;-81.1421656;6387
;The Kitchen Cupboard & Icebox;Retail;;43.7336948;-80.9523484;6550
;The Listowel School of Dance;Culture;Miss Jane’s vision for the Listowel school of Dance is to create a place where dancers can enjoy the art of dance in a loving, positive, and motivating environment. It is the faculty’s goal to develop versatile dancers that are…;43.7334612;-80.9532449;6552
;The Magic Box;Retail;A mystical shop, carrying tarot cards, candles, crystals and all your ritual needs.  Also carrying tshirts and geek chic products. ;43.3716479;-80.98364289999999;6809
;The Mitchell Advocate;Information Services;;43.4685843;-81.1969519;6553
;The Mufflerman;Other Services;;43.3711654;-80.957039;6554
;The Old Prune;Food & Beverage;The Prune Scoff & Quaff!! Feast on dish after dish of impeccably cooked oceanic comfort foods accompanied by genuine East Coast hospitality. Ever changing, fun, creative, shellfish, meats & vegetables of all types prepared by our Chefs with your enjoyment…;43.3704274;-80.9772187;6555
;The Parlour Inn;Food & Beverage;Vintage Hotels is pleased to welcome The Parlour Inn to our luxury hotel collection. This historic boutique hotel has been a landmark in downtown Stratford since 1871. And while we have kept the charm, character and central location over the…;43.3687517;-80.9835544;6556
;The Ringette Store;Retail;;43.3706714;-80.9377094;6558
;The Rose & Crown;Food & Beverage;Our mission here at The Rose & Crown is that every guest leaves with good things to say about us. Here you’re our guest. It’s tough world some days. Things change, people change, stuff gets in the way. At the…;43.4678594;-81.1974597;6559
;The Rutherford Group;Professional Services;Family-owned and operated since 1974, The Rutherford Group has expanded our comprehensive list of distributions solutions from our original offering of Canadian and American Custom Clearances. We are committed to delivering efficient and innovative solutions for keeping our customers on…;43.3538907;-81.0122322;6560
;The Spa Near The Tracks;Personal Care Services;Full Service Hair & Spa;43.3684548;-80.9827715;6561
;The Sunset Cottage Inn;Accommodation;;43.2581259;-81.1542374;6562
;The Sunset Diner;Food & Beverage;;43.2581259;-81.1542374;6563
;The Training Bank;Other;We are an International Training and Development firm which specializes in onsite and online customized training in Customer Focus, Service Excellence, Leadership and management Development.;43.255646;-81.14312;8254
;The World's Coolest Music Store;Retail;;43.2593386;-81.1425872;6564
;Theatre 311;Culture;;43.7305389;-80.9501847;6565
;Thistledown Equestrian Centre;Recreation;Centered Riding® for all disciplines •Lessons for beginners to advanced Adults and Children: ◦Basic English Riding ◦Dressage ◦Jumping ◦Cross Country ◦Eventing •Horsemanship •Quadrille (Musical Ride) •Showing Day Camps in the Summer and Avon Maitland PA Days. We are located 15…;43.3329214;-80.8787331;6566
;Thomas Miller Furniture;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Fine Woodworking;43.3839478;-81.2791683;6567
;Thompson Accounting Services;Professional Services;;43.665576;-81.0240834;6568
;Thompson Truss Systems;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Trades;43.684787;-80.8404603;6569
;Thompsons Limited;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Thompsons is a supplier of value-added agricultural products that include seed, grains, white pea beans, edible beans, popcorn, and dry pack grocery products. Thompsons also retail fertilizer and crop protectants, and offer a number of customized farm related services associated…;43.4756342;-81.2212989;6570
;Thor Dingman B Arch Sc;Professional Services;Architectural Technologists;43.3699074;-80.992061;6571
;Tim Hortons;Food & Beverage;;43.2597461;-81.1392971;6572
;Tim Walker Concrete;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.5068964;-81.1652488;6573
;Timmermans Elevator;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3707435;-80.9430148;6574
;Tippet - Richardson;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3824498;-80.9934687;6575
;Tito's Pizza;Food & Beverage;;43.3870441;-80.9689133;6577
;TJ's Taxi & Delivery;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.7331513;-80.9551192;6578
;TMP International;Manufacturing;The experienced team at TallMan.Promo specializes in unique ideas for epic events. We can find impactful marketing merchandise that will highlight your business, event or community organization. TallMan.Promo can help with graphic design solutions, promo gear, including silk screening, custom…;43.3686129;-80.9854566;6579
;Tom's Eldon Landscaping;Agriculture;;43.3892789;-80.9615576;6580
;Tony Smith Carpentry;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.5550717;-81.1245465;6581
;Torbram Electric Supply;Industrial Supplier;;43.3514558;-80.9839783;6582
;Town & Country Cheese Shoppe;Retail;Welcome to the Towne & Country Cheese Shoppe & Deli. We run our business at the heart of downtown St.Marys, Ontario where friendly service and good food is what we are known for! Stop by anytime to get a sandwich,…;43.2593427;-81.1427953;6584
;Town & Country Decorating;Professional Services;Interior Decorating;43.7320633;-80.9526109;6585
;Town of St. Marys;Public Administration;;43.2596027;-81.1406778;6586
;Township of Perth South;Public Administration;The Township of Perth South was created on January 1, 1998 as a result of an amalgamation of the former Township of Blanshard and the former Township of Downie. The Township of Perth South is situated in southwestern Ontario at…;43.31865730978151;-81.05680155572509;10242
;Tradewinds Energy Solutions;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3511679;-80.9900475;6587
;Tradition Mutual Insurance Company;Finance & Insurance;At Tradition Mutual, we are here to bring safety, security and certainty to our policyowners in an unpredictable world. We know you, and you know us on a personal basis. We have integrity and stability earned over a 140 plus…;43.4059157;-81.0585057;6588
;Travel Professionals International;Other Services;Personal & Corporate Travel;43.273849;-81.1938042;6590
;Tree Tech;Agriculture;Tree Tech was started in 2008 as a small company offering just tree trimming and removal. Shortly after starting, I saw the demand for a full service property maintenance company in the Perth County area. “There was just no one…;43.4504271;-81.2128986;6591
;Trending.Info;Information Technology;Trending.Info presents a real-time experience of curated social media for communities around the world. We have a solution to “online information overload” and present social media in a clean, concise, and user-friendly experience. We offer a standalone website or a…;43.3681595;-80.9820845;6768
;Trestle Strength + Fitness;Recreation;;43.2563246;-81.1374233;5267
;Tri Chiropractic;Healthcare;We know the hardest part of getting healthy is getting started, which is why we offer a unique method of guiding you through your lifestyle program. Healthworks offers the assistance of certified Health Professionals including Personal Trainers, a Reflexologist and…;43.3661201;-80.9796642;6592
;Tri-County Brick Company;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;We are a family-owned business with roots in the community that go back over 30 years. Much more then just brick, we are southwestern Ontario's premier supplier of top quality roofing, gas and wood fireplaces, outdoor grills, and landscaping products.…;43.3550412;-80.9764426;6593
;Trillium Mutual Insurance;Professional Services;;43.732847;-80.968068;6594
;Triple V Eavestrough;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.462825387213265;-81.20535083558195;6595
;TSC Stores perth east;Retail;;43.3706714;-80.9377094;6596
;Tubb Transport;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Trucking Enterprise;43.4604668;-81.1989752;6597
;Tuer & Sipos;Professional Services;Legal;43.2584289;-81.1402997;6598
;Turner Plumbing & Heating;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Turner Plumbing & Heating Limited has been locally owned and operated since 1951, where Harvey Turner continued to service Stratford for 27 years. In 1978 Ken and Shirley Schneider took over the business with only 3 employees. Then in 1999…;43.3791515;-80.9995044;6599
;Twice The Deal Pizza;Food & Beverage;;43.3679326;-80.9807185;6600
;U-Haul Neighbourhood Dealer;Retail;;43.3528192;-80.9826699;6602
;Ulch Trailer Sales;Retail;Semi trailers -Retail;43.3182032;-81.3183969;6603
;Ulch Transport;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Ulch Transport is a small family owned and operated Transport Company located in St Marys, Ontario. Currently operating 52 tractors and 85 trailers. Ulch Transport concentrates on the hauling of food products with over 25 years of experience in transportation…;43.2472134;-81.1346083;6604
;UMA Financial Consultants;Finance & Insurance;;43.7313282;-80.9523078;6606
;Uniac Painting and Decorating;Other Services;;43.4631703;-81.1969786;6607
;Unified Home;Other Services;;43.4755134;-81.1930972;6608
;Uniglass Plus Ziebert;Other Services;UniglassPlus/Ziebart Stratford is the world's leading name in automotive services that renew, protect and preserve cars and trucks for over 40 years. Ziebart has developed its own renowned products and technology to protect vehicles such damaging elements as pollution, heat,…;43.3707051;-80.9401869;6609
;Unisex Hairstyling of Listowel;Personal Care Services;Sandy and Joanne have been working side by side in the same salon since 1983. They have become great friends and in 2016, they partnered together to open their own salon, S&J Hairstyling They are family-oriented people and they strive…;43.7327834;-80.9540511;6610
;United Bait;Retail;;43.35682;-80.9927972;6611
;UPI Energy;Energy Services;;43.7447479;-80.9440455;6612
;UPLevel;Professional Services;;49.8715942;-97.1815264;5380
;Urbshott, Galloway Insurance Brokers;Finance & Insurance;;43.2592278;-81.1427468;6613
;Urquhart Farms;Agriculture;Agriculture;43.2592515;-81.1433722;6614
;Van Allen Insurance;Finance & Insurance;Insurance Providers;43.7338342;-80.9613906;6615
;Van Bakel Farms;Agriculture;Agriculture;43.4657587;-81.054113;6617
;Van Drunen Criminal Defence;Professional Services;You don't have to face criminal charges alone. We've built years of trust working with the local Crown Attorney's Offices. You can count on Van Drunen Criminal Defence to get the best results possible, at trial or plea. Van Drunen…;43.3725096;-80.9797673;6618
;Van Moorsel Insulation;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.5243932;-81.1505662;6619
;Van Straaten Elevators;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.4197941;-80.9921874;6621
;VanDerSchot;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Home Construction;43.2627944;-81.1445315;6622
;Vekys International Cuisine;Food & Beverage;So how did we become Listowel's #1 restaurant as per TripAdvisor.com? Or, been voted multiple times year after year as an award winning restaurant that changed Listowel's food landscape? We opened our doors in 2007 and have been a great…;43.7306705;-80.9508729;6625
;Veterinary Purchasing;Wholesale & Distribution;Why is the company called Veterinary Purchasing? The name Veterinary Purchasing (VP) was selected because it is an organization owned solely by licensed veterinarians to purchase animal health products and hospital supplies for distribution to its members. Veterinary Purchasing is…;43.2608505;-81.1291301;6626
;Vicwest Building Supplies;Manufacturing;Founded in 1930 and headquartered in Burlington, Ontario, Vicwest is a leading supplier of quality exterior building products for all segments of the construction industry across North America. Our residential line of products includes; steel roofing, stone coated steel roofing,…;43.35315;-80.983138;6627
;Video 99;Recreation;;43.2607576;-81.1296999;6628
;Villa Shawarma;Food & Beverage;;43.3713867;-80.9786244;6629
;Village Craft & Candle;Retail;Candles, Bath, Body Supplies;43.2594126;-81.1410913;6630
;Village Pharmacy;Retail;;43.5660895;-80.9221336;6632
;Vinni's Pizza;Food & Beverage;Homemade entrees, soups, chili;43.3697748;-80.9455284;6633
;Vision Manufacturing Solutions;Manufacturing;;43.7173022;-80.9598075;6634
;Vitality Health and Fitness Studio;Personal Care Services;;43.579478;-80.8335563;6635
;Vosper Electric;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.47274;-81.1846796;6636
;VR3 Engineering;Manufacturing;Cartesian Tube Profiling;43.3516503;-80.9899983;6637
;Vredeveld Painting;Other Services;;43.3765804;-80.989841;6638
;W. Charlot Grains;Accommodation;;43.3960356;-80.9891011;6639
;W. Stirling Kenny;Professional Services;;43.371396;-80.9837898;6640
;Waghorn, Stephens, Sipos and Poulton;Professional Services;Legal;43.2600293;-81.1420948;6641
;Walch Family Strawberries;Agriculture;;43.370527;-80.9816759;6643
;Walker Wire Works;Manufacturing;;43.3587713;-80.9950714;6644
;Walkom's Valu-Mart;Retail;;43.4667856;-81.1950525;6645
;Wally's Automotive Repair;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3656764;-80.9631865;6647
;Walnut Hill Farm;Agriculture;Agriculture;43.4384382;-80.7881992;6648
;Walsh Bros Welding;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Trades;43.5617995;-81.3863567;6649
;Walsh Truck and Trailer;Other Services;Truck Washing Services;43.586926;-81.0822359;6650
;Walther's IDA Pharmacy;Retail;A locally owned IDA pharmacy serving Mitchell area since 1929. We offer prescription filling, dosettes, compression stockings, flu shot injections, diabetic supplies, medication reviews, on-line prescription refill service as well as a range of other pharmacy services. Come in for…;43.4675512;-81.1974633;6651
;Watson's Home Hardware Building Centre;Retail;Retail;43.7314002;-80.9526905;6653
;Weberlane Manufacturing;Retail;;43.6765305;-80.8960987;6655
;Webwood Windows;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.5977089;-80.8296097;6656
;Weickert & Meirowski Concrete Foundations;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.5698077;-80.8343645;6657
;Wellness Centre;Healthcare;;43.2597455;-81.1521111;6658
;Wescast Steel;Manufacturing;As a Tier 1 supplier to the automotive market, Wescast provides exhaust manifolds for a wide range of engines. Our extensive expertise in casting complex products for high-temperature exhaust applications enables us to provide state-of-the-art exhaust solutions. It also enables…;43.3569763;-81.0096734;6659
;West End Variety;Retail;;43.2586956;-81.1487266;6660
;West Perth Public Library;Community Organization;;43.4662635;-81.19649439999999;16123
;West Perth Tire;Retail;;43.467651;-81.1970103;6661
;Western Plumbing & Industrial Supplies;Retail;At DESCO we pride ourselves on the quality of our service; getting you the right product at the right time, by offering same day deliveries. With a wide geography of locations across Central and Western Ontario, DESCO can provide 24hr…;43.3670459;-80.9613037;6662
;Western Tire & Auto Supply;Retail;;43.467651;-81.1970103;6663
;Westover Inn;Accommodation;Hospitality;43.2500216;-81.1514934;6664
;WFS Limited Industry's Supply Partner;Industrial Supplier;;43.3531733;-80.9684044;6665
;Whirl Creek Logistics;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.4612055;-81.200268;6668
;Wicked Snips;Personal Care Services;We are a Full Service Salon and Spa offering Family Haircuts, Colours, Foils, Updo's, Wedding Parties, Manicures, Pedicures, Waxing, Facials, Make-Up, Body Treatments, and much more! At Wicked Snips, we're devoted to providing you with the most personalized service in…;43.5661111;-80.9219417;6669
;Wilderness Ranch;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Excavating Contractors;43.3818383;-80.9456553;6672
;Wildwood Care Centre;Healthcare;;43.2607057;-81.1546457;6673
;Wilkare Tooling;Manufacturing;Tooling Services;43.3825103;-81.0069871;6675
;William J Galloway;Professional Services;Legal;43.2595502;-81.1408854;6676
;William Thorn;Professional Services;For nearly 30 years, William T. Thorn has offered prompt and prudent legal counsel to individuals, families and businesses throughout the Stratford, ON area. From cases related to family law, criminal law, real estate law or juvenile offences, trust William’s…;43.3745637;-80.9886162;6677
;Willowgrove Hill Omega 3 Pork;Agriculture;;43.5161766;-81.1573212;6678
;Windbreak Farm;Accommodation;Accommodation/Woodworking The two businesses that make up Windbreak Farm are situated on a paved country road in rural West Perth.  Our peaceful country setting is a convenient short distance drive from Mitchell, Stratford, St Marys and Exeter. The B&B is run out of…;43.40518161169741;-81.20130310460456;6679
;Windmill Family Camp;Recreation;Centrally located, just minutes away, but miles away from ordinary. 4 km south of Fullarton, 11 km north of Rannoch between Mitchell & St. Mary’s, 29 km west of Stratford, 51 km north of London. Nearby Attractions •Only 30 minutes…;43.3548439;-81.2094445;6680
;Window Doctor;Other Services;;43.3696786;-80.8474098;6681
;Windy Pine Bulk Foods;Retail;;43.6604881;-80.8503689;6682
;WJ Holman Plumbing & Heating;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.3823335;-81.0031405;6683
;WK Financial Planning;Finance & Insurance;;43.3715344;-80.9776894;6684
;Wolfe Flooring;Building Supplier;COVID-19 Update: Contactless delivery. Contract flooring installation in new construction and renovations.;43.4670232;-81.1934993;6685
;Wood Design Service;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.471133;-81.1838742;6686
;Woodcock Brothers;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Woodcock Brothers, a family owned and operated since 1973, strives to provide our staff and customers with a positive memorable experience. Our mission is to provide on-time transportation service for our customers. We achieve this through dedicated people, quality equipment…;43.4046446;-81.0556049;6687
;Woodecor;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;Woodecor Ltd. is a complete custom cabinet manufacturer located in Stratford, Ontario. Building off of the outstanding reputation of Lloyd Vandenberg, Matt Anderson and his team continue to provide Southwestern Ontario with top quality service and products for all your…;43.3555225;-80.9608569;6688
;Woodland Lake RV Resort;Excellent vacations for families with RVs, motorhomes and tents. Spring fed lake, sandy beach, heated pool, planned activities, nature trails, clean restrooms & lots more.;19.0011857;72.8295746;10767
;WSI Digital Marketing;Professional Services;Helping local businesses with all of their online needs. From websites to social media, we do it all.;43.3694076;-80.9954111;6748
;Ye Olde Fabric Shoppe;Retail;;43.3640727;-80.9890204;6692
;Ye Olde School House;Accommodation;;43.4462177;-80.9212245;6693
;YMCA St. Marys Centre;Recreation;;43.2597455;-81.1521111;6694
;Yoga Energy;Personal Care Services;Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner;43.3698787;-80.9827158;6695
;York Street Kitchens;Food & Beverage;;43.3710277;-80.983167;6696
;Your Neighbourhood Credit Union;Finance & Insurance;;43.4670604;-81.1955991;6697
;Zehr Insurance;Finance & Insurance;Insurance Provider;43.731352;-80.9499149;6698
;Zehr's Country Market;Retail;;43.5694545;-80.834813;6699
;Zehrs Food Plus;Retail;;43.7293192;-80.9699376;6700
;Ziltener Heating;Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators;;43.4028456;-81.0517143;6701