Food & Culinary Experiences

Perth County, Stratford and St. Marys are situated in some of the finest farmland found anywhere. Local agriculture has worked closely with the region’s epicurean community to establish a sumptuous food and cuisine culture. Home to the world-renowned Stratford Chefs School, some of the best and most unique restaurants in Canada can be found here, and few places enjoy the rich culinary history that has been created in the region.


Stratford Dining
Photo by: Erin Samuell

Food Activities

Stratford Shakespeare Festival / Erin Samuell Photographer 2009
Stratford Ontario Canada - Dining, Photo by: Stratford Shakespeare Festival / Erin Samuell Photographer 2009

Puck’s Plenty – Across Perth County

Join Peter Blush on a delicious foraging tour.

Culinary Adventures (Stratford Tourism Alliance)

Learn to make chocolate truffles, herbal infused tea and more.

Culinary Attractions (Stratford Tourism Alliance)

Regional cheesemakers, artisanal pork shops and family farms to visit.

Savour Stratford Bacon and Ale Trail

Five tastings hosted by local experts.

Pubs, Pilsner & Spirits Tour

A walking pub tour, guided by experts of the tap.

Pubs, Pilsner & Spirits Tour

Food Events


Food & Culinary Events

    Student Housing Showcase 2018

    March 13th

    Matching inspired living spaces with incredible students.  The Housing Showcase provides students and landlords with the opportunity to meet and…

  • I Wanna Laugh - Afive & Kickin' - comedy improv show - SMCP

    February 23rd - February 24th

    St Marys Community Players offers their fifth year of comedy improvisation classes showcasing the graduates in two evenings in a…

  • Storm Chasing in Ontario

    March 24th

    David Chapman will lead a powerful presentation explaining the effects storms have in Ontario.    Experience the entire life cycle of thunderstorms…

  • Fencing Classes

    January 21st - June 28th

    Stratford Fencing Ontario is now accepting students in minifence, beginner and adult classes for foil fencing.  Minifence (ages 6-9), beginner…

  • The Seed Library

    January 10th

    Ever wonder...about harvesting heirloom seeds and gardens? SPL is proud to be hosting The Seed Library on behalf of The…

  • Playing with Shakespeare

    January 18th - March 8th

    Ever wonder… if Shakespeare is fun? Meg Westley says SURE! Shakespeare wrote his plays to be performed, not read! Join this…

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