Fencing Classes

From January 6th, 2019 to January 27th, 2019

Sports Event

Stratford Fencing Ontario

44 Griffith Road West

Classes begin Jan 6 in foil fencing for ages 6 – 76. Classes are offered for minifencers (age 6-9), beginners (age 10-15) and adult (age 16+).

Stratford Fencing Ontario (formerly Stratford Fencing Club)  is a vibrant and established fencing club that offers a range of coaching, resources, equipment and programs as a regional hub for the Ontario Fencing Association and Canadian Fencing Federation.  Stratford Fencing Ontario trains primarily in foil.


Stratford Fencing Ontario is also fully electric, and has adopted the Respect in Sport principles and program.  For more information please contact us at info@stratfordfencingclub.ca, or visit our website http://www.stratfordfencingclub.ca

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